Sunday, July 22, 2007

Violette, Le Chat

Good Morning. I thought I would begin this beautiful day with offering a picture of our little "old lady" cat. I may have shared a picture of her before, but here is one I just took. Violette is a chubby thing (has been ever since she was a kitten), sweet and loving, but like many female cats, likes her own space and her own time. (Well, I guess she is sort of like me!)

We found Violette when she was several months old living on the streets as one of the numerous feral cats in Rehoboth Beach. She was as wild as a squirrel and I would tempt her with tuna cat food. She would allow me to come closer and closer to her until finally I was able to touch her and hold her. I brought her into the house and she went NUTS... racing from room to room, jumping off windows and doors...she was a prisoner. Eventually she settled down and into her new home. At that time we had our old Taj cat who allowed her to share his home and they became fast friends.

Violette is approximately 14 (maybe 13) years old and in people years that is 98. She seems healthy and happy, but all my cats live to be old and I am ever watchful of the indications of her aging.

Dear, dear old cat...we love you.


kookiejar said...

What a sweet story.

I tried to adopt a feral cat like that once. Feeding it everyday and getting closer and closer. Unfortunately, before I could get it in the house, it stopped coming around. I guess life is hard on the streets.

kris said...

Great photo! And I liked your story - I hope Violette lives for many more years.