Monday, October 11, 2010

What A Month!

Autumn has arrived here in coastal Delaware although the temperature today was supposed to be a high of 84 which is somewhat warm for October.  Pumpkins are cheerfully spreading their color throughout a local pumpkin patch that I drove by today.  It made me happy just to see it.

We are very busy -- my husband is building another mega-house for a client.  It has been a struggle getting it past local town regulations since it is on a canal and larger in height than is usually allowed, therefore needed a variance.  He thinks he may retire after this house.  At 72 it may be time.

I am busy preparing for our annual Realtors' auction in which we raise money to help provide a happy Christmas for needy children.  Our theme is "Winter Wonderland By The Sea."  We will use loaned Christmas trees with white lights and centerpieces of seashells and "snow." We have a very limited budget for decorations so I don't know how much of a "wonderland" it will be!

I attended an Argentine Tango weekend workshop last month and have another one in a few weeks.  I have never done this before and I signed up and went alone.  My husband is not a dancer and since his fall off his boat this summer he is still limping around.  The dance classes were tons of fun -- what a beautiful dance.

We are also in the process of moving to a smaller home not far away.  I am trying to get up the momentum to pack.  I am a clutterer and a collector which makes it difficult.  I am also running into a problem getting boxes from the local liquor stores.  They used to provide an unlimited amount of boxes needed for packing.  Now they don't seem to want to give more than a few at a time.  Other stores crush them as they discard them.  The last time we moved we had movers do it, although I did the packing.  For some reason (husband's decision) we are doing it ourselves with the assistance of his employees.  I don't know how I got all this stuff in this house when we moved here fifteen years ago.  What a nightmare!

Hope you are all having a happy October!

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