Friday, May 22, 2009



Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday I started out being 63 years old. By last night I felt like I was 75. The cause of this instant aging is due to technology overload. Actually there was one other reason also.

I took my Toyota into a detailing shop in the morning to leave it for the day. It would be "detailed" which would include interior shampoo and exterior wax. I have never had a car detailed before, but since this car is a 2004 and I have had it since summer of 2003, it really needed a very good cleaning. I was quoted a price of $155. Okay. When I picked it up at 4 p.m. the price had risen to $191. Before I was told the new price, I had my checkbook in hand (to use credit/debit card would cost 2% more) and I said, "$155.00 right?" He then proceeded to explain the new price, but said I could get a "break" because he thought I had already written out $155.00 on the check. When he realized I had not yet filled in the blanks on the check, he said $191.00. I said "what about my break?" It was not to be. The reason for the increase in cost, which was very patiently explained to me (remember I am 63 and apparently need special care), was that there were "spores" on the car and it took longer to clean it. I thought, mushroom spores, viral spores, bacterial spores? It sounded dangerous. Well, they decided it was due to garden mulch in the air and it had imbedded itself into the finish on the car. We haven't mulched anything and the car has been in the garage when I am not using it. But, the neighbors are mulching a lot. As I drove away in my $191 detailed car, I berated myself for not just refusing to pay the extra. After all, he had looked at the car and quoted me $155 a few days ago.

After I left the garage I went to Verizon to pick out a new cell phone. Part of this story is too complicated to explain because it involves a new plan my husband is getting for the home landline which changes to a cell phone that works through the computer and keeps the same phone number. I was supposed to pick up a new phone for that also. I attempted to explain what I was there to do and I might as well have been speaking Latin. They totally didn't get it even though it turned out that everything I was supposed to pick up was sitting in a bag on the floor with my husband's name on it. I gave up on that and went over to the display to pick out my new cell phone. That alone aged me about 10 years. Why do I want my phone to play music, games or videos? I did find a phone I liked, though.

Last night my computer stopped allowing internet access. I have no idea why and this morning it was the same and all day today. There was a message on my phone from verizon that for $9.99 additional per month I could have computer assistance for our verizon internet line. Did they plant a bug in my computer that caused it to cease working and force me to get more service for more money? For no reason the computer started working again and I jumped right in and started this very wordy, detailed post. Suddenly a light flashed on that Blogger was not automatically saving everything and then it disconnected. I am trying to finish this post because the internet (verizon) keeps kicking me out.

I am now not 63 years old. I am at least 90.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I hope all of you mothers are having a lovely day. The weather here is gorgeous for a change. I talked to my daughter and my grandsons on the phone and also my sister. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing any of them today -- the family is so scattered. The above photo is my daughter at six weeks old and me. Don't I look like a proud mama? I was so happy to have a little girl!

I plan to plant a few tomato plants today which I have been procrastinating on doing. Ken and I will probably go out to eat dinner this afternoon.

I made $114 on my yard sale yesterday -- not bad since I only did it for two hours. Then I went to an auction and spent $38.00. In one pocket, out the other.

Are any of you on Facebook? It has been so much fun connecting with people I have not seen for years and years. Cheryll -- you know one of them is you! Another is someone I haven't thought of for 50 years. He was the star of our sixth grade operetta and I had a slight crush on him after that. Well -- there he was on FB yesterday asking to be a friend (you have to ask on FB). Turns out he had a crush on me at the same time (we were about 12 years old I think) and neither of us knew about the other's crush. So funny! I have also connected with a boy who was one of my friends when we were only about three or four years old. That was really incredible. It is so nice to see that these people have gone on to have happy and successful lives with families and even grandchildren now. The circle of life........

Have a happy day, dear bloggers!


Friday, May 08, 2009

We have sunshine!! Actually, we had a little sunshine yesterday in between the rain showers. I just dropped Beau off at the groomer's for his monthly "do." He is so funny. He definitely knows the difference between when I get up and don't plan to go anywhere, when I get up and plan to go somewhere without him, and when I get up and plan to take him somewhere. He is so smart. When he knows I need to put the leash on him to go in the car he starts running from room to room so I can't catch him. But the thing is -- he really wants to go. Crazy dog.

Our community yard sale is tomorrow and I really have to start moving some stuff out to the garage and put tags on things. I don't have a lot to put out, but at least it is a start to get rid of some stuff I really don't need. I have a problem with pricing things. Any suggestions?

Well, off to the garage.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I swear it has been rainy, cloudy, chilly, grey, depressing and just plain awful for the past week. It is supposed to continue until Sunday I think. Everyone seems miserable because of it. It is amazing what joy a little sunshine brings into our lives.

I went to one of the local thrift shops today and came away with a few things: a cut glass ice bucket with little ice tongs, an oil lamp with a cut glass base, a vintage pitcher like three others I have, and a few little linen doilies. Our neighborhood is having a yard sale on Saturday. I am trying to decide what to put out. It is so hard for me to get rid of things. I keep thinking I can use it or paint it or save it for later. HELP! I have to get rid of some stuff!

Friday, May 01, 2009


I have written a few times about my husband's boat building project. He and two friends formed a partnership to buy an old damaged boat and rebuild it. It has been a project for the last three to four years. All the important things have been redesigned and rebuilt and it was ready to put in the water a month or so ago. They found a leak and it had to be taken out and repaired. Last Saturday it was ready to launch again. This time it went smoothly - no leaks. It spent a night at the dock and then the next day it was towed a hundred yards up the canal to its new slip. It was towed for safety reasons and because there are some engine hookups that have to be completed.

The boys/men are happy. Here are pictures of it being assisted in its move.