Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday I started out being 63 years old. By last night I felt like I was 75. The cause of this instant aging is due to technology overload. Actually there was one other reason also.

I took my Toyota into a detailing shop in the morning to leave it for the day. It would be "detailed" which would include interior shampoo and exterior wax. I have never had a car detailed before, but since this car is a 2004 and I have had it since summer of 2003, it really needed a very good cleaning. I was quoted a price of $155. Okay. When I picked it up at 4 p.m. the price had risen to $191. Before I was told the new price, I had my checkbook in hand (to use credit/debit card would cost 2% more) and I said, "$155.00 right?" He then proceeded to explain the new price, but said I could get a "break" because he thought I had already written out $155.00 on the check. When he realized I had not yet filled in the blanks on the check, he said $191.00. I said "what about my break?" It was not to be. The reason for the increase in cost, which was very patiently explained to me (remember I am 63 and apparently need special care), was that there were "spores" on the car and it took longer to clean it. I thought, mushroom spores, viral spores, bacterial spores? It sounded dangerous. Well, they decided it was due to garden mulch in the air and it had imbedded itself into the finish on the car. We haven't mulched anything and the car has been in the garage when I am not using it. But, the neighbors are mulching a lot. As I drove away in my $191 detailed car, I berated myself for not just refusing to pay the extra. After all, he had looked at the car and quoted me $155 a few days ago.

After I left the garage I went to Verizon to pick out a new cell phone. Part of this story is too complicated to explain because it involves a new plan my husband is getting for the home landline which changes to a cell phone that works through the computer and keeps the same phone number. I was supposed to pick up a new phone for that also. I attempted to explain what I was there to do and I might as well have been speaking Latin. They totally didn't get it even though it turned out that everything I was supposed to pick up was sitting in a bag on the floor with my husband's name on it. I gave up on that and went over to the display to pick out my new cell phone. That alone aged me about 10 years. Why do I want my phone to play music, games or videos? I did find a phone I liked, though.

Last night my computer stopped allowing internet access. I have no idea why and this morning it was the same and all day today. There was a message on my phone from verizon that for $9.99 additional per month I could have computer assistance for our verizon internet line. Did they plant a bug in my computer that caused it to cease working and force me to get more service for more money? For no reason the computer started working again and I jumped right in and started this very wordy, detailed post. Suddenly a light flashed on that Blogger was not automatically saving everything and then it disconnected. I am trying to finish this post because the internet (verizon) keeps kicking me out.

I am now not 63 years old. I am at least 90.


kkryno said...

Boy: do I know about tech-no over*load! I barely have a tentative grasp on the blog thing. Forget about Tweeting; I can't remember my passwords for face book; or Sephora; or Nibbledish to save my life!

Anytime my computer sends me "updates" for my computer, I lose even more passwords. It's enough to drive a grown woman crazy! (or to the nearest bottle of vino!)

I just long for the day when I can change the outgoing message on my voicemail without pulling all of my graying hair out by the roots! Nevermind about calling tech support. I used to call on my adult daughters to rescue me from this abyss; but now I am thousands of miles away, and their patience with me interupting their lives over the phone for that sort of thing is only so much! I can't blame them though; I have the same trouble with my own Mother when we converse about the time difference between Alaska and New Mexico.


I've been experiencing a new thing lately: age discrimination. It's both troubling and weird!

I have a birthday in June.


Lynne said...

Ever since I changed from Comcast cable to this new AT&T U-Verse, I've had trouble with our phones. They'll cut off in the middle of a conversation or a call won't go through at all.

I tried calling Vonage yesterday - what a mistake. The guy I talked to couldn't help at all. And I could barely understand what he was saying - he spoke so fast with a strange accent.

Finally, I just unplugged the U-verse modem-thing and reconnected it - now it's working OK. Keep your fingers crossed.

I can't believe the detailing place wouldn't honor the $155 price.

I'm not having any trouble with Blogger, but I read that someone else was having some problems. Hope that's taken care of by now.

I have problems with my laptop - when I'm typing something, the cursor will just jump around and all of a sudden I'll be typing somewhere else on the page, or a brand new program will open by itself. Strange.

I hate some of this new technology!

Morning Glory said...

That type of day would age me, too. What an ordeal. A long bubble bath is my answer to stressful days.

BClark said...

Ain't new technology great!! I will say one thing, I think you should report the detail shop to the Better Business Bureau. Me thinks you has been scammed. Like the places that when you go to get your oil changed they want to "clean" your engine and other hogwash!

Glad the internet things seems to have strightened it all out. I had to talk to India for 2 hours yesterday trying to get my new version of Norton 360 installed. Frustrating!
Happy weekend.

Mary said...

Technology is great when it's working, but very stressing when it's not.

I'm afraid I would have freaked on the detailing guy. I get all estimates in writing so they can't do that, but am not sure what the laws are in your state. Here, a written estimate is written in stone. If you plan on not going back there, I would report the shop to the Better Business Bureau. I bet you get a check in the mail.

Take care and try not to stress to much. Things will come out in the wash, as Grandma used to say. :-)


Nan said...

You know, it would have been just as frustrating if you were 25! Only you probably would have gotten madder and yelled more. I'd love to hear what Click & Clack would say about that garage. You oughtta call in some week and tell them. There are always amazing stories on that show. That place won't stay in business long if they keep pulling those kind of tricks! As for computers and phones, it is them NOT you. Remember - this is your mantra. :<)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I'm sorry :(

Hang in there,