Friday, May 08, 2009

We have sunshine!! Actually, we had a little sunshine yesterday in between the rain showers. I just dropped Beau off at the groomer's for his monthly "do." He is so funny. He definitely knows the difference between when I get up and don't plan to go anywhere, when I get up and plan to go somewhere without him, and when I get up and plan to take him somewhere. He is so smart. When he knows I need to put the leash on him to go in the car he starts running from room to room so I can't catch him. But the thing is -- he really wants to go. Crazy dog.

Our community yard sale is tomorrow and I really have to start moving some stuff out to the garage and put tags on things. I don't have a lot to put out, but at least it is a start to get rid of some stuff I really don't need. I have a problem with pricing things. Any suggestions?

Well, off to the garage.



Lynne said...

We're having a neighborhood garage sale in a couple of weeks. About pricing - if it's something you really want to get out of your house, price it low. If you're not completely sure about getting rid of it, price it a little higher and see what happens.

The last time we had a big sale here, I wound up putting everything that hadn't sold by 11:00 am out by the curb with a FREE sign on it. It was all gone in about 15 minutes!

Don't we all love a bargain!

violetlady said...

Thanks, Lynne. Great idea!

BClark said...

Our dogs certainly bring us adventure along with lots of love.
One sure way to catch Charlie is to jingle the keys or start the car. He can't get there fast enough!
I usually price things a little higher then what I actually want. This gives me wiggle room to bargain with people, they think they get a deal and I get what I wanted to begin with.
The free sign is a for sure way to clear out anything you might be tempted to drag back in.