Saturday, July 14, 2007


I just finished Janet Evanovich's "Three To Get Deadly." I am waiting for the library to let me know when the first book in the series of Stephanie Plum's "bond enforcer" adventures comes in. I want to try to read these books in sequence. It probably doesn't matter, but I would rather do that.

I sat up late the other night to finish the book and found myself laughing out loud till tears ran down my face. One of my favorite quotes from the book, because I so identify with it:

"I woke up feeling guilty about the junk food binge, so for penance I cleaned the hamster cage, rearranged the jars in the refrigerator and scrubbed the toilet. I looked for ironing, but there was none. When something needs to be ironed I put it in the ironing basket. If a year goes by and the item is still in the basket I throw the item away. This is a good system since eventually I end up only with clothes that don't need ironing."


Morning Glory said...

Oh, I like that method!! Thanks for sharing one of the laughs with us.

Lynne said...

You really do need to read them in order. Love those books. Grandma Mazur is my idol!

Rhoda said...

Happy Monday! I like your music here today. Love to read too. Right now, I'm reading a new author to me, Jodi Picoult & she's pretty good!

Southern Hospitality

Lynne said...

Tina - Head over to my blog - there's something special there for you.

Lynne said...

Tina - Have a wonderful visit with Beth and the boys! "See" you when you get back.