Wednesday, July 04, 2007



I hope you all had a great day and maybe even caught some fireworks. There were plenty of fireworks last night in Lewes and tonight in Rehoboth Beach, but we were too lazy to deal with the crowds. As I am writing this, the Philadelphia celebration is on the television and I can hear some neighbors setting off their own noise makers. Beau is, of course, barking.

We attended an impromptu cookout at the Lewes marina today which turned out to be fun. I guess it wasn't impromptu for those who knew about it, but my husband was working on his boat and we just stumbled on the party when I stopped by to visit him. There was a boat parade in which a lot of small boats were decorated for the holiday and I think they were judged. Here is a picture of one, if you can see it. If you click on it you can see it enlarged. I had forgotten my camera and my cell phone so I used husband's cell phone camera. This isn't the best of the boats, but it is all I could get.
Bon Soir, everyone!!!


kimagruber said...

There were thousands at the Rehoboth fireworks. So, of course, traffic was horrendous.

Thanks for telling me about the concert afterward. It took some time for them to set up so I wouldn't of known otherwise. They were really good. Great music.
All ages dancing.

I had a nice time.


kris said...

The parade looks like fun! We spent the afternoon watching boats go by our house - not a real parade, but entertaining none the less!