Saturday, July 14, 2007


On Thursday I stopped at the library to return some books and heard some rhythmic drumming coming from upstairs. I went up to see what was happening and am I glad I did. Have you ever heard the theory that the human race evolved from one African woman? Well, that drumming hit me deep inside. The "Sankofa African Dance & Drum" ensemble was giving a performance of authentic tribal dances from different parts of Africa. There were about ten girls (youngest was about 6), one young man and four older boys on sets of drums. The group was there to perform and to also instruct the children in the audience about the dances and later to give them a chance to dance. A lot of young mothers were there with their little ones; there were some mentally challenged children with their counselors and they just loved the pounding rhythm. And, of course, the retirees who are always learning.

What a beautiful experience. I am including two photos, but unfortunately the dancers were moving so fast that I couldn't get a good shot.

I am about the whitest white woman around in a primarily white community, but I was so touched by the beauty, dignity, music and talent that I wanted to grab a colored skirt and beads, and jump out there and dance with these beautiful children.

An African American Festival is coming to this area in August and I am definitely going to go just to repeat the experience of this music and history. These children are not only born of an American history of slavery, but of African royalty. See this, listen to this, and you will understand if you don't already.


kookiejar said...

That is so cool!

I had a similar experience once. We went to an exhibition of Japanese drummers and although I know nothing about my Japanese heritage, I was greatly moved by the whole thing. I guess your heart and soul know things you can't.

violetlady said...

Thank you for your comment,kookiejar. I wonder why no one else commented?

kookiejar said...

Oh you know, these summer months...I know I'll go read my favorite blogs and find that I missed a post or two and feel kinda weird to go back and respond to something a few days old.

I do it anyway, but I'm funny like that.

kris said...

What a great experience - wish I'd been there! Thanks for describing your feelings so beautifully! (I agree with kookiejar - I miss a day or two and feel like I'm a month behind on everyone's blog! You never know if people check back for new comments on old posts or not.)