Saturday, March 03, 2007

Do I Still Want To Blog?

I haven't posted anything for a long time. I have been busy with work and visiting my daughter and grandsons for a week and just wondering if what I say I want out there for the world to see. I just read Lynne's blog (I think that is it). She is so creative --- yes, you are Lynne! I thought I was, too, but when I sit at the keyboard I go blank.

I just finished a good book -- Anthony Bourdain's "Cook's Tour" and am now reading his "Kitchen Confidential." You should see his show on Travel Channel.

Does anybody out there remember Sally Starr in the Philadelphia area -- 50's-60's tv? I know Lynne does! I saw her on tv yesterday -- she is in her 80's now and still dresses like a cowgirl. What a lady -- I think I need a cowgirl outfit. On Monday night on PBS (Phila. area) there will be a new show about tv kids show hosts (again, Philly area) from the early days. Catch it if you can.
Well, I did end up writing something. Maybe I'll get into this blog thing again!

Happy Trails!!!!!


Lynne said...

Of course you still want to blog! I sure do remember Sally Starr. She was at Woodlawn School once when we were in 5th or 6th grade for a carnival. What kids' show hosts are on the TV show? Chief Halftown perhaps? Dom was on his show once.

kookiejar said...

Keep on blogging, Violetlady. It comes easier and easier. Things you see in the news or overhear in the grocery store sometimes make the best and funniest blog posts, I've found.

I love Anthony Bourdain. Especially on 'No Reservations' when the producers make him do something he's really not that in to. He's great. Good writer, too.

Violetlady said...

Thanks, kookiejar, for the comment and idea. I plan to take some pictures of my town and post them sometimes, like the Paris link.