Monday, February 12, 2007

Here I am in Weight Watchers Wonderland...Again

Okay, I finally did it again. I joined WW about a year or more ago and here I am again. I think this is about the 5th time I have officially joined Weight Watchers. I don't know why -- I am not a very good joiner and never last very long. I don't like meetings, I wonder why most of the people there, are there. I am about 20 lbs. overweight and count myself luckier than some people. But I will give it another try. I am sure I will feel better being able to fit into my clothes again. Lynne, I will dig out those wonderful recipes you gave me.

I came home from the meeting this morning and I guess I was so overwhelmed by the prospect of what I am embarking on, I napped most of the afternoon. The mere thought of it wore me out!

Happy Trails!


Lynne said...

Good for you! I'm stuck right now but I'm going to keep going. Drink more water, drink more water...

Now I'm waiting for you to join us on the WW boards!

kookiejar said...

Good luck, Violetlady. Just remember that no matter how heavy you are there is someone out there who would KILL to be at your weight. Believe me, that thought has gotten me through some rough patches in my own weight loss odyssey (that I'm perpetually on).