Monday, February 05, 2007


19 degrees here with a wind chill factor bringing it much lower. So much for our mild winter. Still no snow in sight. This is a picture of the beach which is a few blocks from my office. Actually, as much as I may complain, it is a beautiful place to live. I live a few miles from the beach.
I was thinking of why I called my blog Violetlady at Home. In case anyone is curious -- my favorite flower is the wild violet, which was also my mother's favorite. My grandmother used to have violet cologne in a round bottle with violets handpainted on it. When she became very old she gave it to me. It was empty, of course, but now is one of my treasures. I have accumulated several violet related bottles and pictures. I even have some violet candy! Hence, violetlady, and At Home -- just because I love to be home, puttering, reading, etc. I guess I could have been licoricelady since I love black licorice, but that doesn't really have the ring to it, does it?
Have a beautiful day to anyone who reads this. My favorite farewell --- Happy Trails!!


Lynne said...

You know how much I love the beach! I was so jealous when I first found out where you were living.

I'll have to look for some violet bottles or pictures for you.

Happy trails to you too - until we meet again! One of Dom's favorite songs!

Eileen said...

Got to your blog through Lynne's - thought I'd say hi!

I do like Violetlady better than Licoricelady. :-)

kookiejar said...

There is a shop in Lincoln (Nebraska) that I love called Licorice International. All they sell is licorice from all over the world (and they give out free samples). Anyway, the women who run the shop call themselves The Licorice Ladies, and that's what I immediately thought of when I read your post. :) I also LOVE black licorice.

Joy said...

Hi Violetlady! I stopped by to welcome you to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. I'm glad you will be joining us. Can't wait to see your list of possibilities. :)

Happy Reading!