Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Non-Fiction Challenge - Come Join In

Joy (Thoughts of Joy) has a new challenge. Read 5 non-fiction books from May to September. I am still working on my list. Go to her site and check it out.


Joy said...

Hi! You're doing a great job with your blog. :) Isn't it fun?

I was wondering if you wanted me to add your blog title to your Mister Linky link? It would look like this:

Violetlady (Violetlady At Home)

and I would attach this post or it could look like this:

Violetlady (List on Sidebar)

and the link would be to your entire blog, but the sidebar contains your choices.

What do you think? I'll come back to see your answer.

Happy Reading! :)

Violetlady said...

I am not sure I understand Mister Linky -- but it sounds good. Whatever you can do would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Lynne said...

I want to read the Bob Newhart book. Do you remember the record The Button-Down Mind? Remember the one that we used to listen to - Sit Down, Machine? He cracks me up!

Violetlady said...

Do I remember that? I think it must have been Dad's record. What year was that? Like yesterday -- SIT DOWN MAAA--CHINE. ha, ha, ha. I'll bet I have that album packed away somewhere since, you know me, I never throw anything away.