Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hello, everyone. Thank you to anyone who has spotted errors in my blog. This is a definite learning process, but challenging, therefore, fun.

I just finished the sweetest little book - "A Redbird Christmas" by Fannie Flagg. Even though it is not Christmas, it could be read anytime of year. A nice story of faith and hope written in Fannie's inimitable homespun way.

It is so windy today and COLD!!! The weather is usually fairly mild along the coast, but we do have a few doozies in the winter. It didn't bother my little poodle - Beau. He had his little coat on and was just as happy out walking in the weather as I was not.
We have Beau - 2 year old brown miniature Poodle and also 3 cats: Pierre (20 lbs.) and Chloe and our old lady, Violet. Chloe is the youngest and still acts like the baby of the family. Pierre and Chloe are very chummy, but Violet has always been grumpy about sharing her house with two other cats and now horror of horrors, a DOG. On a future post I will share some of the quirks of Beau -- he is unusual.

Happy Trails everyone!


Lynne said...

Post a picture of Beau. I bet he's so cute now. Is he still afraid of windshield wipers?

Violetlady said...

I have to take a good picture of him. Yes, he is still afraid of windshield wipers and tv remote controls. Beau, your secret is out - you are a nut.