Friday, March 16, 2007

"Have no friends not equal to yourself." Confucius

I have been totally annoyed lately about a business issue. Hint: Never get involved in business ventures with a friend. A friend and I, along with another person, formed a partnership. We decided to dissolve this partnership a few days ago and the friend was surprised that I expected $ that resulted from a sale that occurred while we were partners. Anyway, I would have paid the $ to the other party, without question. Hence, the quote from Confucius. The friendship will continue, but live and learn.

What a miserable day today. Windy, chilly, rainy. A good day to stay inside with a book which is what I have done so far, along with reading other people's blogs. I think I need to go eat some chocolate.


Lynne said...

Dom always says to never do business with a friend. He must be right.

kookiejar said...

Have some chocolate for me too. This is day 24 of my no-sugar challenge. Going crazy! How many bananas can a girl eat?

violetlady said...

kookiejar, have you tried frozen grapes? I never have, but my daughter recommends them.
Lynne, a man who loves old western movies has gotta be right!

kookiejar said...

I've heard of people eating frozen grapes, but I have really sensitive teeth, so that would cause me no end of agony. I have to eat them at room temperature!

gail said...

Ooh, I bet chocolate made it a good day! I love to be in reading.

Thanks for stopping by....I hope to maybe have some directions up for the wreath soon, although there isn't much to it!

Tracey/RealEstateGirl said...

Hey there, fellow realtor friend! I'm not sure if I visited you back yet...been out of town and things have been hectic!

Thanks for stopping by my site. I love this know, they told us getting into this business to NEVER do business with friends or family! I have a very good friend who is a Realtor and we don't ever partner on things because we want to remain friends!

Sorry it didn't turn out well. Live and learn, right?!

The market is down and things are slow 'bout for you?

violetlady said...

tracy/realestategirl, actually one of my former best friends listed her house for sale with another agent, after I had given her a lot of help when she was doing it as a FSBO. Just remembered that one. So, never again will I do business with a friend.
Real estate here has been slow, but is picking up. We have a funny market here - resort market and retiree market, along with everything else.

Daniel Kong said...

You can make business with a friend as long as you both are clearly business minded and have clear limits between business and friendship.
It is what it is called, to be professionals.