Friday, March 09, 2007

No More Snow

Well, the snow is mostly gone. There are still some patches here and there, but the temp should go up to 40's today so I guess that will be it. I took my poodle for his walk last night. The remaining snow was positively luminescent. Why does it seem quieter at night than during the day? Same ambient noise, but everything is........quiet.

I am still reading 'Kitchen Confidential'. Haven't been spending as much time reading for the last few days. I went on our online service for the local library and put several books on hold to pick up. I better get back into the reading groove! If only my job were to read. I know I should have been an editor.

Well, that's it for now.
Happy Trails! (I like to say this because Roy Rogers and Dale Evans sang it and I am a closet cowgirl.)

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kookiejar said...

Our snow is almost gone too. That wouldn't be so bad if the melted, slushiness didn't freeze back up at night, making the sidewalks so slick in the morning. I'm gonna break a hip one of these days!