Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"All The News That's Fit To Print"

Who said that anyway? What is it with the news today? All I hear about is "Scooter" Libby's trial. How can a grown man allow himself to be called "Scooter"? Inquiring minds want to know.

My husband only watches Fox News -- conservative or balanced as he says -- maybe unbalanced to some people. He is still horrified that he married a woman so liberal as to vote for Jesse Jackson. My sister and I both did! Actually, politics bores the heck out of me and my husband is a news junkie.

The older I get it seems the more limited (or discriminating) my television choices are. History channel, PBS, Travel, Food Network and my all time favorite -- TBS for the old, old movies -- preferably black and white. I know people who are hooked on Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy -- never watched them. BUT, I do watch Gunsmoke and Andy Griffith Show. Question: There is/was a show called The OC. What was The OC anyway? What did OC stand for?

Well, this is my post for today,

Happy Trails!!


kookiejar said...

My son watched 'The O.C.' faithfully until he learned it was being cancelled, then he figured "What's the point?" and he stopped. The O.C. stands for Orange County, California. It was about (as far as I can figure) a bunch of impossibly gorgeous young people getting into and out of as much trouble as possible. I won't miss it.

violetlady said...

Thanks, kookiejar. Glad I didn't bother to watch it.
Still -- my all time favorite is 'Northern Exposure.' John Corbett, who played Chris the d.j., has a band (John Corbett Band) which I saw perform last summer. He is such a hunk!

Lynne said...

Do you know that Dom still watches Gunsmoke? Every time he watches he tells me to call you and let you know!

Yeah, what's with a grown man called Scooter??

kookiejar said...

John Corbett is a hunk and a half, Violetlady! 'Northern Exposure' was a truly wonderful show.