Saturday, March 10, 2007

"A ministering angel shall my sister be." William Shakespeare, 'Hamlet'

Here is my sister and me several years ago when we took our first vacation together since we were children. I discovered then that my sister is more than a sister. She is my best friend. Only a sister knows you inside out, your shared history, your happiness and sorrow, and who shot the peas across the dining room table and who got blamed for it.

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Blotchy said...

Funny that you mentioned the infamous pea fight. During our annual ravioli birthday dinner last night,the kids were walking down their memory lane, and had a similar childhood encounter, which is called The Cream of Wheat thing.
That's alot messier getting out of your hair than peas!

Lynne said...

I loved seeing Linda's picture! Hard to picture her as a redhead though. It's nice that you two are so close now.