Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our little Beau, first, five years ago when we got him, and now.  Isn't he a handsome little man?  He rules the roost around here.


Cottage Cozy said...

Beau is definitely a little cutie! Love his coloring.

So no more sewing for you these days uh? Well...we can't do everything!

Have a great evening!

Willow said...

He's so very handsome! Interestingly, my daughter and son in law just this evening got a puppy!

Lavender Cottage said...

Our daughter just got a 4 mo old chocolate cockapoo and he looks just like Beau when he was a baby except hers has a pink nose. The dark wavy fur and his light coloured nose make him look like a muppet.
In answer to your question about the forsythia I have on my blog, it is pronounced 'for-sieth-ee-a'
I have a dictionary of plant names that is part of my gardening library which has been a big help as a writer.

Donatella said...

He sure is a handsome little man.. love his coloring.. we have a little tea cup poodle named peaches.. she is almost 15 years old..Its my daughter little best follower! glad I stopped by!

Diane said...

What a darling Beau, very handsome indeed.
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Hugs, Diane