Monday, March 02, 2009


I am so happy -- we finally have a decent snowfall. Here in coastal Delaware we get very little snow. It has something to do with proximity to the ocean. I am from Pennsylvania so I grew up with lots of heavy snowfalls. I remember when I was little we could hardly open the front door after it snowed a lot. I lived on a great hill and all the kids in the neighborhood would sled on it. Actually there were a lot of hills and sometimes you could start on our hill and if you had enough momentum you could keep going around the corner and down another two hills. Our dog, Teddy, would invariably get out of the house and chase the kids on their sleds.

I am sitting here in my little home office looking out at the snow coming down. It started last night and it is now 10:40 a.m. and still snowing a little. It is so beautiful.

My daughter is in Massachusetts and she is expecting a total accumulation of 15 inches -- on top of the foot or so they already have! My grandsons are in one school district and Beth teaches in another -- they are all home today. And little Ian's 9th birthday is today -- what a great present. Happy Birthday, Ian!


Southern Comfort said...

Your picture looks so beautiful. Being from Central Texas, I have only seen 2 or 3 really good snows in my entire life. Congratulations to the birthday boy, sounds like he can celebrate at home.You make it sound so peaceful there in your home office. Enjoy your day.

Willow said...

What fun to be home bound on your birthday, especially if you are nine!

Enjoy the snow. How long will it last, do you think?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love the snow, too...even if it is March! Enjoy...and
Stay Cozy,

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the snow Violet! Have fun in it!
I hope spring comes soon though, it's been sooo cold here!

Hugs, Sherry

Lynne said...

I'm so jealous!

I remember sledding down Silver Avenue onto Division then down the long hill. We had some good times!

Happy birthday to Ian - it was so nice that the schools all closed in honor of his special day!

Nan said...

I would love to slide on those hills. I really must go out and slide (some call it 'sled') again. It is the only winter sport I ever really did, and loved it so much.

Linda said...

How beautiful! Snow just makes everything so magicial...hugs, Linda

BClark said...

When I was small we lived in upstate NY for a big, Catskill Mtns area. There was a hill across the street, down you went around a curve and out onto the river. Like you were flying.

kkryno said...

Hi! I just thought I'd stop by and say, "Greetings from Alaska!" I'm originally from New Mexico, so seeing massive amounts of snow is amazing; but I'm pretty much over that now. I've been here 3 years, and have a 1 year old grand-daughter now, so my motivation to return to the desert is a strong one! ;)

My father is from Deleware; so we have a bit in common.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see you again!


kkryno said...

I'm sorry! I also meant to say, "Happy Birthday to Ian!"