Friday, March 20, 2009


The first day of Spring and things are starting to bud and bloom and the birds are very busy. I have been putting seed out in several feeders and they are really enjoying it. I am going to have to start buying the seed in bulk. I think the squirrels are eating as much as the birds, though.

The view from my home office window:

I don't know what that is that blooms every spring, but it is very pretty.

I attended an auction last weekend. I really should stay away from them. I always come home with things that I really don't need. This time I got a primitive bench (which I love), a Gone With The Wind lamp that is missing the top shade, three Wallace Nutting prints, two of which need work, and a set of brand new lamps for my grandsons' bedroom, but I realize that they are so heavy it will cost more than I paid for them to ship them. I usually get so caught up in the moment when the bidding is going on that I often forfeit my better judgment. While I was at the auction I did one of my favorite things to do there -- eat. I had a scrapple sandwich for breakfast and a hot dog and chips for lunch. Healthy, huh?



A few commenters have asked what scrapple is. I forgot that this is not a common dish in some parts of the country. Here is a description from Wikipedia:

"Scrapple is a savory mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour. The mush is formed into a loaf, and slices of the scrapple are then fried before serving. Scraps of meat left over from butchering, not used or sold elsewhere, were made into scrapple to avoid waste. Scrapple is best known as a regional American food of Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland."

Here in Delaware we even have an "Apple-Scrapple Festival" every year. I grew up on scrapple, my mother's mother made it herself from scraps from the hog butchering on their farm (before I was born), and I LOVE it.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Violetlady,

That is a lovely view from your office window. I don't know what those white blooms are either but they are lovely.

I used to love auctions as well, but have given up on them a few years ago. I have so much stuff here now, that I should hold an auction.

What is a scrapple sandwich? And anyway, when we're out enjoying things like auctions or ball games, etc. it's fun to eat not so healthy things like hot dogs. Not sure about the scrapple though. :-)

We have 73 degrees today, and I went to a Mexican Restaurant with friends for a leisurely delicious lunhc. Now I am going back outside and take more pictures.

Have a great week!


Willow said...

I've seen those white flowers but I can't hazard a guess at their name. Whatever they are, they are beautiful. Do they have any fragrance?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Could they be star magnolias? Whatever they are...they sure shout Spring. Does scrapple taste anything like spam?

Stay Cozy, Carrie

violetlady said...

Carrie, thank you! I looked online and the little tree is star magnolia. The picture looks just like mine.
Renie, I have added a description of scrapple.
Willow, thank you for your comment. Yes, there is a very slight fragrance on the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Your mention of scrapple brought back a memory of when I was 16. My girlfriend from Maryland had come to FL to visit and wanted scrapple. I had never heard of it and neither had the stores.
I too love auctions although most of the ones around here seem to be for farm stuff. That is probably a good thing. Enjoy the emergence of Spring.

BClark said...

It was not supposed to be anonymous, it's ME!!

BClark said...

Just another thought, you can get hot peppers to put in bird feeders. The birds don't mind, but the squirrels do not like it. Had that problem in FL and putting the pepper mix in helped lots.

Jess said...

Hi Miss Violet...How are you today? I haven't been by in a while and thought I would stop in.

Hope all is well and your finds at the auction sound great!

Have a lovely new week