Monday, February 02, 2009


The hoopla is over and it was a great game. I am not a football fan -- at all. But this game was exciting and congratulations to the Steelers.

We had a party at our house which was a lot of fun. We seldom entertain and it was fun to have our friends and neighbors over. People brought food and we ate non-stop. Thank you to all! I may not be a sports fan, but Super Bowl Sunday is about the food as far as I am concerned. We had my homemade chili, cornbread, salad, wings, steamed shrimp, cheeses and dips, cookies and eclairs, beer and wine and soda.

Several people wanted my recipe for chili so this is it:

This will serve about 12-15 people.

3 lbs. ground beef
2 packages of Chili-O or some brand of chili seasoning (optional, but I had it in the cupboard and it is a fast way of making chili)
Approx. 1 Tbs of chili powder
Approx. 1 Tbs of ground cumin
1 large can of kidney beans (or also black beans or pinto beans) to taste
3 15 oz. cans of petite diced tomatoes
1/2 bag frozen chopped green pepper (or more)
3/4 bag frozen chopped onion (or more)
2-3 cloves chopped garlic
1 -2 cups frozen corn (optional)

I sautee the garlic, green pepper and onion in some olive oil until they are soft. Then I add the beef and brown it well.
Add the seasonings and then the tomatoes. Simmer a few minutes and add the beans and corn.
Simmer it all for approx. an hour and a half. I transferred it to a crock pot to keep it warm for self-serve.

I don't usually make this large a quantity of chili, so I was tasting as I was going to make sure the seasoning was right. I don't like it real hot and this was just a little spicy. Obviously, you may want to chop your own peppers and onions, but this was so much easier.
Everyone has their own chili recipe, but everyone raved about this. It is simple, basic chili.


Linda said...

Oh, your chili look so good...I agree Super Bowl is all about food:). I had a baked potato bar and it was a hit with my family...hugs, Linda

Willow said...

I made an Anasazi bean and ham soup. But it was just The Professor, me and a mama and her baby this year for the party. We didn't watch much of the game...

Isn't it fun though to throw a party?

Mary said...


Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm glad you enjoyed entertaining.

I didn't watch the game as I'm not a football fan and hubby missed it because he had to get some sleep before work. I've heard from several sources that it was a good game.

Take care. Glad you enjoyed my photos. Your chili sounds delicious.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sweet Violet!

There's nothin' like a good pot of chili and cornbread!! That's one of my favorite comfort foods. Next is homemade mac&cheese!

Big hugs,Sherry

BClark said...

Ya know if it tastes good, then don't sweat the small stuff,lol. Plus in my opinion the frozen are often fresher then the "fresh" in the produce department. Glad you had a good time with friends always a good thing.
Thank you for looking up the colors for the house. To me maize is sort of a browned yellow. I do not care for the really bright lemon yellows, or the greened yellows. The maize is to me just warmer and easy to live with. I think our house would look well with shutters. I want to find a program that will let me try the colors on my pictures. Thank you again

Mary said...


To answer your question, the landlords we had died a few years ago and their children sold the house to a fencing company. The house is now quite rundown and not at all like it was 43 years ago. Wish they had kept it up a little better.

Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy visiting with you.


Diane said...

Oh I love Chili, I always make a big pot on Halloween, but after I saw yours I am in the mood for ChilI. I sure hope the weather starts getting warmer there, I bet it is getting old now! Patients it is on it's way (:
Hugs, Diane

Willow said...

About the china: All it says on the back is Regal Vellum. I've looked it up on china websites but what I find there is not the same pattern.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your chili looks yummy! I will have to try your recipe...

Stop by my blog when you get a chance...I am hosting a giveaway!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

By the way Diane from Saturday Finds is my sister...f.y.i