Thursday, January 29, 2009


I will be so glad when this stinkin' winter weather is over. If we had a decent snowfall to at least make it pretty, it wouldn't be so bad. This winter seems exceptionally cold for southern Delaware. But I do notice that it is getting dark later and we will be setting the clocks ahead (remember "spring forward") on March 8.

I had lunch with some girlfriends today at a little family restaurant. Their special today - chicken and dumplings. Remember my recent post on dumplings? These were delicious - chicken, homemade slippery dumplings, stuffing, ice tea and tip - $10.00. Then off we went to our Realtors' Board office for another update class to the ever-increasing bureaucratic stuff we need to know or change. We were given a little gizmo that processes a pin number for us to use every time we enter our listing service. Ok. But - the irritating thing is that if we lose this little gizmo it will cost us $50.00 to replace it. At least they could have made it larger -- it is only about the size of a half dollar. Do you know how many people will be losing these things?? I will probably be the first!

After that I had my hair done - cut and color. I had a ten dollar off coupon which helped some and the hairdresser also gave me a break on the charge because she had misquoted it to me. I started coloring my hair myself recently, but this time I had them do it.

Pizza and chicken pizza steak hoagie for dinner from the local pizza place - yum!

I am now going to change into my pj's and settle in with my latest mystery.
That was my day - how was yours?


Karen said...

We need some snow to freshen everything up a bit. The streets are dirty and it's just so gray around here. I can't believe daylight savings is March 8th! That's good news:)

Not a lot going on here today. I got a book in the mail, so that made my day:P

Willow said...

My day?
1st grader throwing up in the trash can. Other 1st grader having tantrum.
Really nice walk in the sunshine and strong wind.
Giving away frozen meat at the church's Food Pantry.
Babysitting The New Boy, Dinner.
That was my day.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Helping my brother pack all his belongings to move up to Oregon...and taking care of my little grandniece and nephew at the same time. That took up my day! But I am in sunny California while my family is enjoying sonw dustings back home!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Linda said...

You had a great day..actually I'd say a yummy day:).

Today I did a little housework and now I'm going to stitch for a few minutes. Have a nice weekend....hugs, Linda

BClark said...

Not a bad day, nor a great day. We finally were over the freezing mark for the first time in a month.
The sun was shining and I was lazy as a slug.

Can you put your gizmo in some sort of cute little pouch. Maybe if it has a home you won't lose it. I am thinking one of those little change purses with a chain on it so you could fasten it to something,lol.

I am envious of your pizza hut stuff, ours is about 45 min away, so no delivery.

Jess said...

I lov ehaving my hair feels great...Hope the food as good, and take care of the gizmo...probably cost fortune to replace it...sigh..

Tristi Pinkston said...

Sounds like you had a pretty great day! And you're more than welcome to take some of Utah's snow. We've only had a few storms, but they've left so much snow, we still can't drive down our residential roads without having to dodge around piles.

Oh, and I love Ella Fitzgerald, too. :)