Sunday, January 18, 2009


It has been so cold here for the last few days. Beau and I haven't even been out walking much. Today it hit almost 40 and felt like a heat wave. We actually had a dusting of snow this evening. Not much, but enough to be pretty.

My daughter gave me the DVD "Mama Mia" for Christmas and I have watched it a few times already. I watched it again today -- it always makes me happy and I love to sing and dance to the music. My favorite - "Dancing Queen."

For dinner I made chicken and dumplings, using a leftover rotisserie chicken from the grocery store that we barely ate last night. It turned out great. Here in Delaware dumplings are really like large thick noodles and are called "slippery dumplings." I am from Pennsylvania and when I made chicken and dumplings the first time for my husband, he said "what are these?" "Dumplings," I said. I had made my usual dumplings from Bisquick. "These aren't dumplings," he complained. A lot of old time cooks here make their own slippery dumplings, but I buy the frozen store-bought ones that come from North Carolina. You can't really tell the difference. Here are pictures of what the two different dumplings look like.

I'll close tonight with my favorite goodbye - Happy Trails to you!!


Literary Feline said...

Mama Mia! is such a fun movie. I love the ABBA songs used in it.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

So how do you find the "slippery dumplings" at the store. Is that what they are called. I would love to make this. It looks delicious! Yum...

BClark said...

That is one movie I am looking forward to buying. That is all such fun music.
Slippery dumplings eh?? That is a new one for me. I would never in a million years have called noodles dumplings. I make mine as you do and like to add some garlic salt and parsley or herbs to them. Chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite comfort foods.
And Happy Trails to you Also, Until we meet again.

Lynne said...

I always thought of dumplings as the ones made with Bisquick. The others look like big flat noodles.

Donna has made chicken and dumplings with the flat noodle-things. Tasted good, but I still like the others better.

It's been really cold (for us) down here. I usually like a little bit of winter, but I've had enough now, thank you very much. Bring on the warm weather!

Karen said...

Either way, those dumplings look delicious. I haven't made chicken and dumplings in ages (the bisquick kind). Great idea!

BClark said...

Thank you for stopping by, as always I enjoy your visits. To answer your question about the 40 degrees. My husband worked long and hard putting in radiant heat under the first floor. Zero and above and we are doing alright. Below zero the complete lack of insulation in the walls sucks all the heat out. We did blow some insulation into the front room and front entry. The poor man has not been home very much this fall and winter so things get done in dribs and drabs. I firmly believe that next winter will be much, much better. The wood stove will be good to go, we will have the rest of the windows changed and insulation in all the walls. Till then I am a pioneer,lol.

Jess said...

I haven't got to see Mama Mia yet... but I sure want to! I love good music in a movie and singing and dancing!

I'm not much of a dumpling girl...but if I was going to eat would be store bought noodle... I can't stand the slippery homemade ones...dunno why.

Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Nobody speaks of "Beef and Dumplings." I would rate it equal to or at least an occasional change from chicken. The best beef and dumplings I ever ate came from the Frederica Fire house ladies.
By the way have you ever had stuffed pumpkin?