Monday, May 26, 2008


I still have my mother's wedding dress. It is a handmade dress worn on her special day January 10, 1944. I also have one of my father's Army uniforms, possibly the one he wore on that day. Although he never fought overseas during WWII, there was at that time the strong chance that he was to be sent at any moment. He took that long train trip from the east coast west in preparation for a possible assignment in the Pacific. Those were scary times. Unstable times. You never knew what came next. People were married on the spur of the moment just as they still do in times of war and upset. I have two uncles who served overseas during WWII. One was a fighter pilot. One made a daring escape from German captivity. I knew a man who was a prisoner of war in the South Pacific in WWII and was tortured by being kept in a small metal box in the sun. My husband piloted transport planes full of soldiers and supplies to Vietnam during that war. We all have stories of someone in our families who served and died or served and lived to tell the story. Remember and honor them.

This memorial weekend when you see pictures of wives and family left behind by those who served our country, remember those faces. They could be you or me if not for the courage it took for our young men to "join up" and the bravery of them as they fought their last battle.

Remember the men who left here as boys and returned as men. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Afghanistan, Iran.

Always, always remember.


Jo said...

Thank you for such a touching Memorial Day Post.

Willow said...

My son in law fought and lived to return from Iraq and marry my younger daughter.

My son is leading men in their spiritual journeys as a chaplain in the middle east.

My father, like yours, never left the US during WWII but he still served. They also serve who only stand and wait. Two uncles were in the European theatre, one of them with Patton in North Africa.

My husband was on the ground in Vietnam.

Yes, we do all have our stories.

melissa lewis - off the wall said...

What a great post! My husbands father was in the military, and I now understand the pride you feel when someone you know and love has served!

BClark said...

Beautiful post. I am with you in being proud of all those who serve in what ever capacity. In my family we have fought in all the wars going back to the Revolutionary war to current times. My husband's nephew is a Navy Seal, another one is in Washington also with the Navy. My son was in the Navy and served on Nuclear Subs. I am proud of them all, yours, mine and ours. Thank you for a moving post.

Nan said...

My father (and mother) took that very train trip. Gosh, I wonder if they might have known one another. My folks got married in Berkeley, and he did go overseas.

Mary said...

I am a little late getting over for your Memorial Day tribute but really enjoyed it.

I had an uncle who landed on the beach at Dieppe. He lived but his friend died in his arms. Thank you for remembering.


Linda said...

What a lovely tribute to all service personnel. Just looking at the cemetery picture gives me goose bumps and a lump in my throat.....we must never forget...especially these brave souls. Linda

Tristi Pinkston said...

Thank you for this beautiful post!