Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I returned home last night and looked forward to a good night's sleep in my own bed. I checked outside the house and noted that the holes in the soffit along the roof were closed up and was happy that the repairs were made. Husband said it was all taken care of. I slept like a log and awakened this morning to the scramble of little feet in the ceiling. I got out of bed and looked up and, yup, there was the squirrel looking down at me. I grabbed my phone, called my husband and vented my outrage. Within thirty minutes two of his workers were at the house. Obviously, only the exterior was repaired with the squirrel still in the attic area and with open access to the unrepaired room size opening along the tray ceiling. You can't see this opening from ground level, but I climbed up the ladder to the ceiling myself and saw it. I now await the workers to return and seal up the opening which Husband the Builder said was "taken care of." I have also gone on-line and found out how to trap squirrels. So it looks like I will be heading to the local "Ace Is The Place" hardware store for a squirrel trap. The saga continues.

But -- I did have a very nice visit with my daughter and son-in-law, his parents and sister and her little girl, and my wonderful grandsons. It was a tight squeeze in their house for all of us, but it all worked out. The first communion was beautiful. Little Ian was dressed in the same suit his brother wore three years ago. He was so handsome and so proud. Eleven year old Cooper was the "official photographer" and took a cute video of the children singing at the church.

Well I guess I will head on out to the hardware store. Wish me luck.


Lynne said...

Arent' you glad that you're married to a builder and can get things done in such a hurry!! And exactly how long has it been since he started your addition? Is it done yet?

Hope you get the squirrels out. Try mothballs.

I bet Ian looked so cute! Do you have pictures?

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Glad to hear your visit went well!

Good luck:)

BClark said...

I am so glad you did not hear the pitter patter of little feet until it was light. Nothing worse then having something like that go on in the dark. Good luck with your squirrel hunting, Davy!!
Thought of you today, I have the purple violets blooming and also some white ones.
Best to you, Barbara

Willow said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit and the first communion for your grandson.

Ewww, squirrels carry diseases. I'm not a squeamish person at all; after all I lived in the jungle in New Guinea. But. Squirrels. Ewww.

Flower said...

Squirrels can really make a mess and lot of noise...and they are hard to trap if you can't get him to leave! Maybe some screening at the appropriate entry would help...after he exits! Been there, done that! :))