Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear Bloggers,

I am leaving tomorrow for a trip to visit my daughter and son-in-law and my grandsons. My youngest will have his First Holy Communion on Saturday. The other grandparents are coming in from Tennessee and the godmother is flying in from California. It will be the little guy's big day.

I always get stressed out before any trip. What to pack, will I get to the airport in time, etc., etc. It is now 9:30 at night and I am doing laundry. I always feel like the home front can't function if I am not here to supervise. Are you the same way?

Oh - yes. Let me tell you the squirrel story before I leave. My husband built a big addition onto our house a few years ago. Since he is a builder, of course a lot of little things were never finished. The master bedroom is very large and has a high tray ceiling. Well, for the last week or so I have been hearing scrambling in the ceiling. I thought it was just squirrels or birds on the roof. Yesterday it got very loud and I walked into the bedroom and saw a quick glimpse of a "creature" up on the tray section of the ceiling. I jumped a mile. After awhile I went back in the room and there was a definite SQUIRREL looking at me from nine or ten feet above me. IN THE BEDROOM!!! Of course, I called my husband THE BUILDER who informed me he would look into it. Last night he went to bed without doing a thing about it. I pondered whether to sleep in that room also or sleep in another bedroom. Well, I thought - I haven't seen or heard anything for awhile so I went to bed and had a rather fitful sleep.

Fast forward to this afternoon. There was the squirrel again brazenly watching me from his little perch along the ceiling. I called my husband and then I left. By this time one of the cats has noticed the animal, but the poodle was oblivious. Husband brought one of his workers to the house and said that they would have to work on it tomorrow because apparently an opening was left from the ceiling to the outside and they would have to bring lumber. ALL THIS TIME - THERE WAS AN OPENING. I COULD HAVE HAD 100 SQUIRRELS IN THERE!!

So, guess where I am sleeping tonight? You guessed it. Not in THAT room!

Hopefully, when I return on Monday, I will be squirrel-less.

Take care, everyone.


Shellmo said...

Funny (but yet I know not TOO funny) about your squirrel - hope he finds a new home soon! (Be glad it was not a possum like I experienced - It took 4 of my family members to get him out!

BClark said...

Oh, yes I am so like that before a trip. Now I have the added stress of trying to make sure there are things to nibble on as well. Sounds like your are the barefoot cobbler's daughter,lol. Good luck with your trip and your squirrel.
Best to you, Barbara

Wild Rose said...

Enjoy the little guy's big day. Hopefully, by the time you return, the squirrel will have left!

Marie x

Jo said...

Guess what.... I have a builder like that. Mine built on t o the house a couple of years ago and there is still a section of flooring in front of the hearth that hasn't been put down and the over hang is still wide open for the birds and wasps to build their nests....

I can't even imagine how I would react to having a squirrel in my house watching me. I think you have a good start to the book you need to write..

Have a wonderful trip.

Flower said...

Leaving for a few days takes so much work!! I hope you have a good time and that when you return the squirrel will be indeed gone!

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a funny story!! Funny thing about that too is that we have been hearing a squirrel in our attack. We haven't done anything about it because we weren't sure, but you have got me thinking we MUST check further into this.

Hope the little guy has a wonderful weekend:)