Monday, April 28, 2008


I like the ceremonies of life. I like weddings. I even like funerals. I like formal church services.

I attended two wedding receptions on the past two weekends. Each reception could not have been more dissimilar.
Unfortunately, we were not invited to the weddings because they were small and private. I would have rather attended the weddings than the receptions.

One wedding and reception took place at a small local winery. The reception was for about 100 invited guests with tables for everyone, beautiful centerpieces, heavy hors d'oeuvres and a DJ. The cake was beautiful. The wedding party was small. It was fairly low key and nicely done.

The other wedding took place at a very small, historic church which held a very limited number of people. I would have loved to have seen the wedding because at the end they released white doves into the sky. The reception, however, had about 250 guests, the wedding party (30+ people) and a huge band. There was a sit-down dinner and the food was cold. They forgot the toast. The cake very plain and small. Actually, I kept walking up to the cake and then informing my table that the cake was cardboard and it must have been there until the real cake arrived. As time passed and no fancy cake appeared I realized that it was not a cardboard cake at all! Silly me. But, of course, the bride was beautiful and happy and that is what was important.

I definitely prefer small, intimate weddings and receptions. Simple is best.

What kind of weddings do you prefer?

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Morning Glory said...

I like formal, very classy, very traditional weddings. The formality is simple and the service is usually uncluttered. There's just a serenity about them.

Jo said...

The simpler the better is my way of thinking. I have attended some very elaborate weddings and every one is so up tigh and so worried about trying to remember every thing..... not worth all of the stress for just a small amount of time.

I agree with you, I would prefer to attend the wedding any day over the reception.

kookiejar said...

That's such an interesting question, VL.

I tend to enjoy the receptions more (but everyone I know is loud and rowdy and incredibly informal, so the receptions are more like carnivals).

BClark said...

Having done many wedding cakes I can attest that simple is much better. The more elaborate the more stress and aside from Bridezillas, there are Jekel & Hyde mother's of the bride. In my mind they are the worst, I now run like crazy if I encounter a pushy Mom. I am doing a cake in June that is going to be extremly plain, at the bride's request. I suggested many different styles, but this is what she wanted. It will also be on the small side as she is having cupcakes for all the guests.
Best to you, Barbara

Willow said...

I like smaller weddings because they are more personal. I prefer ones that don't cost so much that the couple could have used the price of it for a downpayment on a house.

My younger daughter was married at my brother's farm on a side lawn. It was all classy and simple.

After reading "Busman's Honeymoon' by Dorothy Sayers I started noticing if there is enough food and cake at a wedding. Maybe the caterer messed up and didn't bring all the cake to the second wedding...