Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Andy Warhol said that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. Well, I don't know if that is true, but yesterday may have been one of my husband's few seconds.

I was sitting by the ocean yesterday and noticed a Weather Channel van parked nearby. I did not think it unusual because we often get news cameras by the beach to film a storm. We had just had that nor'easter and the beach was eroded as a result. I knew my husband was working a few blocks away and I thought of calling him to let him know his favorite channel's news was in town. I didn't call, but the next thing I saw was him standing by the news van. They hooked him up to a microphone, turned the camera on and there he was being interviewed and taped. This was a big deal for him, since as a retired Air Force pilot, weather was and still is important to him. We called our family to tell them, and about 7:30 last night he was on television. His interview on site took about ten minutes. After editing, he was on the screen for about ten seconds. Following him was an interview with a surfer who happened to be walking by. He got more air time. So much for television.


Lynne said...

I wish I had seen the interview! I bet Ken was so proud!

BClark said...

Wow, you have been busy, elephants, squirrels and famous hubbies. You need to write a book from Peanut's side of things,lol.
Love Sue Grafton, wish she would write faster. I just finished her last one, T is for Tresspass. You are so organized with your reading, maybe by the time I am 97.
Best to you, Barbara

kookiejar said...

Great story!! :D