Thursday, June 07, 2007

Diamonds - A Girl's Best Friend?

I was never a real fan of diamonds. Oh, if someone gave me one I wouldn't turn it down. I have never really had an official diamond engagement ring, even though I have been married more than once. The diamond jewelry I have are family heirlooms or found. Yes, found. My husband once found a bracelet which I later retrieved from his pocket when I did the laundry. He said, "Oh, yeah, I found this in the dirt and forgot about it." FORGOT ABOUT IT? It was in two pieces and the stones were barely recognizable as diamonds. I took it to the jeweler, had it repaired and cleaned and, voila, they said it was worth quite a bit. It is beautiful and I do wear it occasionally.

The point of this post is that on AOL I saw an article about a girl who found a 3 carat diamond in Diamond Crater State Park in Arkansas. It was just THERE -- on a dirt road. I have seen Travel Channel shows about this park and I always thought it would be so much fun to go there and dig for diamonds. I doubt that I could talk my hubby into this, but it sure would be fun. I don't mind getting down and dirty for a diamond these days, I guess.


kris said...

Isn't that funny - I never was in love with diamonds either - but the older I get, the more I appreciate that sparkle!

MyUtopia said...

Not this girl. I love Opals.

Morning Glory said...

I DO love diamonds!! I'd have to say I love all that sparkles. What a great find with your bracelet. Do you have a picture of it?

Rhoda said...

Hello, Violetlady! Thank you SO much for stopping by. It's always nice to hear from new folks & I appreciate your comments. I see you love yardsales too & French things. I'll definitely stop back by & read more when I get a chance.

Oh, and Beau is a cutie-pie!

Southern Hospitality

daffodilly said...

I thought it would be fun to dig for diamonds, too or pan for gold.

kookiejar said...

She just found a diamond? Surely it had to be cut and polished and whatnot. I've panned for gold, it's really fun.

violetlady said...

kookiejar, yes she just found it in the dirt road. Of course, it was dirty and uncut. I tried to put a pic of it in, but couldn't do it.
myutopia, my mother liked opals, too. It was her birthstone. Is it yours?
kris, I think there is something to enjoying sparkle as we get older.
morning glory, I'll try to put a pic of the bracelet in, but my camera never seems to go great closeups.
rhoda, thank you for stopping by. Your blog is great.
daffodilly, my sister, you are the best.