Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beau's Point of View

My little brown Poodle is neurotic, a constant barker, disobedient and oh, so funny. Stop me if I repeat myself, but Beau is totally crazy about two things: the tv remote control and windshield wipers. We cannot go anywhere if there is a chance of rain. He has to sit on my lap when I drive and if I turn on the wipers, he almost climbs onto the dashboard to attack the wipers. It is so awful.

The remote control is unexplainable and clearly psychotic. Somehow he associates us eating with the remote control. Since we generally sit in the family room and eat while the tv is on, as soon as we head there with a plate in hand he begins to run in circles and bark hysterically at the remote. He even starts this routine before we even leave the kitchen. What is the association, Beau? Remote = Food. I don't get it.

The other night I was walking him through our neighborhood and he met another dog and Beau slipped out of his collar and off he went. He will never come when he is called so being loose can be disastrous. Five neighbors combing yards and woods for him and finally someone trapped him near a trash can (of course) and I carried him all the way home with his tail between his legs.

Tonight a kind neighbor loaned me one of those electric collars. She said that it only took a few wearings and her dog behaved. I have heard the same thing from other people. I will probably give it a try. Sorry, Beau, but it may be for your own good. I know a lot of this is because he is just a hyper, alpha, head of the pack dog. And I know I have been responsible for not training him properly.

Here a few pictures of my love bug, which is what I call him because I truly do love him even with all his faults. After all, he feels the same way about me. Oops, gotta go -- Beau's calling.


kimagruber said...

Let me see if I can successfully
post this time!

Beau is adorable. I love the 2 photos that make him look long like a hot dog.

I think I've told you about Picasso and windshield wipers.
One time he attacked, lunged for
the wipers so hard against the windshield that a spot on his gums started to bleed.

And, he'll run to the back of the wagon to try to attack the wipers of cars behind us. Oh, my.

So, if he goes on a trip with me, I'm well prepared -- weather report, kennel, harness, etc.

See ya. Back to weeding.

Literary Feline said...

That is hilarious about Beau and the remote control. LOL

My own dog isn't the best behaved either, and as you said, it is partly my fault for not better training him. :-( Now that he's older he's less likely to take off running at the sight of the open door, but it happens. I discovered with my dog that if we chase him, he'll go farther. He sees us and feels safe to continue on. If we don't follow, he'll stay in the area (minus another dog to chase, a person to visit, you get the idea). Nowadays if it happens, I run inside, grab his bone or a ball and bribe him back into the house. That usually does the trick.

kris said...

Beau is so cute! Tess will lunge at the TV and start barking and jumping up and down if she hears or sees a dog on the screen. Kind of scary if you're not expecting it! Our dogs are totally naughty - altho seems to be getting a little tiny bit better the older they get. It's all my fault - I am a total pushover for how darn cute they are!

MyUtopia said...

What a cute pup!

Tristi Pinkston said...

My dad has a poodle that looks very similiar to Beau -- and it sounds like they have a lot in common, too!

Morning Glory said...

You definitely have a doggy with a mind of his own. Cute stories! My daughter used an electric collar to help train their dog and it was very useful and worked well. Now they use the collar without the gizmo on it, and when they put it on him, he just calms down without the shocking device.

I've finally caught up my reading since returning from vacation and I must say you have a delightful way of expressing yourself!