Wednesday, March 05, 2008


My dear little poodle has been scratching so much lately and I discovered a sore patch on the inside of his back leg. Yesterday we went to the vet. Beau apparently has allergies - we don't know to what. He also has a skin infection where he chewed on the sore spot, so now he is on antibiotics for three weeks and Benadryl twice a day. The Benadryl seems to help, but unfortunately it doesn't make him less hyper. (ha, ha) I know Kris and Lynne have dogs with skin problems and have written about them.

Let's see -- My Violette the cat has skin problems, so does Pierre the cat, and so do I. Did they inherit my genes?


Lynne said...

Poor Beau! If only animals could talk and tell us what's wrong.

Do you feed Beau the same food each day? Does he get table food? Food testing was the first thing we did with Maggie. We took her off everything that she normally ate and tried a dog food with something she had never had - I think it might have been duck and potato. When she was able to eat that, we started slowly adding things back to her diet that she had eaten before to see if she had a reaction. We found she can't eat any form of rice or wheat. Which really limited the kind of dog food she could have.

We finally had to have her tested for other allergens because she still had a skin problem. There were a bunch of outside things (trees and grasses) plus cat dander, wool and dust mites.

We tried different antihistamines - Benadryl, Chlortrimaton and others - but found that Prednisone is the only thing that helps her. And, of course, with her Cushing's disease, she can't have that.

Hope he feels better soon.

Linda said...

Oh, poor Beau. I hope he is feeling better.
I did my meme...this was such a fun tag. Hugs, Linda