Sunday, October 28, 2007


"Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Co., which manufactures plastic toys, has come up with a small toilet you can put together as needed. If you're stuck in traffic and can't wait, simply assemble the cardboard toilet bowl and fit a water-absorbent sheet inside. The toilet comes with a curtain large enough to conceal users and a plastic bag to collect waste, and can fit inside a suitcase. Just politely pull the curtain closed and you're ready to go! Sounds like something I'd take on a long bus or train ride through India rather than in my car. You'll have to hold it until November 15, when the company will begin selling the new product online. [via Reuters]"

Can you imagine? Although I do remember carrying a little potty in our old VW Camper when my daughter was being potty trained. (Sorry, Beth!)


Kari & Kijsa said...

HAhahaha- What will they think of! Is the traffic so bad in Japan that this is an in-car need for many? Thanks for making us smile!!

kari & kijsa

Miles Away In France said...

oh my god, don't think I will be getting one of those.

Racheal x

Abbie said...

I heard this on the radio the other day, and while in all my 31 years I don't think I've ever needed to "go" while stuck in traffic, it might not be a bad idea. Except, after you use it, you have to keep it in the car with you before you can empty it. And you have to empty it.
The eww factor is just too high for me.

T*mmy said...

A couple of years ago we had a violent snow/ice storm all across Ohio and parents ventured out when the worst was over...Mom said it was slow going and you could see where the traffic had stopped for long periods and tracks going off into the woods to "you know what"...I bet they would have been glad of this, I know I would because I hate to squat!

Have a great day!

kookiejar said...

I guess that toilet would be okay as long as you weren't on a bumpy road. Ick. :)

Mary said...

Well, imagine! I don't think I'd really want to use it, although years ago there were many times when I headed into the woods to go. Mainly, this was when I was working in the fields on the farm.

Thanks for keeping us updated on world news. hehe

Jo and JD said...

And to think... as I was growing up, my father referred to anything with the tag 'Made in Japan' as junk.

BClark said...

What an idea, since I do lots of traveling and sometimes there is just not a rest area when you need it. Might just be a good idea and with the absorbant pad there should be no mess.

Thanks for the information,