Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Name Meme

I was tagged by Lynne for this nameless meme. Here goes:

ACCENT: Like Lynne, I took a quiz and came up pure Philly.

DRINK: My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi -- I need to start my morning with it. I hate coffee; I like tea, hot and iced. Alcoholic drinks? Sometimes a glass of wine when we eat out. I like a glass of beer sometimes, esp. Rolling Rock. New Years Eve I have to have a glass of champagne.
CHORE I HATE: Any housework, especially unloading and loading the dishwasher. Oh yes, also folding laundry.

PETS: Beau the poodle and three cats: Violette, Pierre and Chloe.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Does TV count? Computer, cell phone.

PERFUME: Happy To Be (Clinique), Eau Du Val (L'Occitane - first bought this in Paris and all I have to do is smell it and it takes me right back there), Tova (Tova Borgnine).

GOLD OR SILVER: Both. I love jewelry and I sell a line of sterling silver.

INSOMNIA: Seldom. Sometimes have trouble getting to sleep, but once I am there I am gone.

JOB TITLE: Realtor, wife, sister, grammy and friend. Favorite is Grammy.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT: Gee, this is a hard one. I am a good cook, but I don't think that is a trait. I am somewhat quiet and reserved, but most people think I am fun to be around. Is that a trait? I am loyal and honest.

KIDS: One daughter, Beth, and my son-in-law Dale. Of course, my two grandchildren, Cooper and Ian. I have two step-children and three step-grandchildren.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL: I don't know if people still use this, but I can still use some of my old shorthand skills. I am sure Lynne can, too.

VEGETABLE: I am not a big vegetable fan. Corn, lima beans, peas, brocolli, lots of salad. My most hated things are mushrooms, beets and asparagus.

WORST HABIT: I am a disorganized clutterer. I also find it difficult to pass a MacDonalds without getting a "double cheeseburger, no onions ($1)."

X-RAYS: Dental every year.

FAVORITE MEAL: Spaghetti and meatballs or chicken parmesan, both with Italian bread and lots of real butter.

PHOBIA: Several: Driving over some bridges, mushrooms, a certain kind of cricket that I have only seen in Delaware, spiders -- especially Daddy Longlegs. Well, actually bugs in general. And yes, mushrooms are more a phobia with me than a dislike.

RELIGION: Catholic (since last year)

SIBLINGS: One younger sister, Linda.

TIME I WAKE UP: If I don't set an alarm and no one wakes me up, I can easily sleep until 11:00. Hey, I need the sleep! It's not easy being me!

This was fun. I tag YOU: kookiejar, kris, lidy, tristi


Lynne said...

Sleep till 11?? I've known you to sleep later than that!!

I still remember shorthand. In fact, I was looking on e-Bay for a shorthand book so I could brush up.

kookiejar said...

thanks for the tag. I'll try to do this one over the weekend, it looks like fun.

violetlady said...

Lynne, I know, I know. I forgot you might remember my 1:00 in the afternoon sleeps in high school. I was going to look for a shorthand book, too! I have one here somewhere since I never throw anything away, but it may be moldering away in the basement.
Kookiejar, I look forward to seeing yours.

kris said...

This was a fun read! Thanks for the tag - I'll do it soon and let you know when I post it. I'm pretty good at sleeping in too - especially on cold winter mornings!!