Friday, August 24, 2007


I have had a full week -- my daughter (et al) left on Monday morning, my husband's old Air Force buddy arrived that afternoon, my husband's daughter and grandchildren arrived on Wednesday. By yesterday morning, everyone had left, including my husband and his friend to go on their annual roadtrip (they drive towards North Carolina, visit military bases, small boating communities and towns and just hang out). He will fly back here on Monday. Right now I am sitting here enjoying the "alone time."

Wednesday night I went to an auction. Here are a few shots of what I won as the highest bidder.

Russian lacquer boxes -- I really had no interest in these, but got caught up in the moment and was bidding against a dealer and I figured he knew their worth. I will probably sell them on E-Bay.

The teapot has a story. I had one identical to this since 1971. Thirty-five years ago a dear friend (now deceased) and I used to sit and drink jasmine tea from the teapot. I never thought it was particulary attractive as far as teapots go, but I was very sentimental about it. Well, the teapot broke a few months ago. My sister was sweet enough to give me another teapot which was lovely, but of course, was not THE TEAPOT that held the memories. But -- there this was -- at the auction. I had to have it. A winning bid of $5.00 gave it to me (no one else bid on it). Barry, wherever you are, I know you appreciate my sentimentality.

The silver tray -- hotel silver from the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Engraved with WA on the front and the back says Waldorf Astoria 1931. It is very heavy and I think very attractive.

The little green glass jar with a salt shaker top: This is for my daughter. She likes old glass jars. Beth, I hope you like it.

Last night - three friends (Suzanne, Gretchen and Christina) and I got together for Gretchen's birthday. We celebrated over paella at a Spanish restaurant and enjoyed the cake that Suzanne had made. We have been doing this for some years now. All of us are around the same age, give or take a few years, and we celebrate each birthday at a restaurant, with a cake and gifts. We usually force the birthday girl to wear a tiara which is handed down to the next recipient. This year we forgot the tiara. It wasn't missed. It was getting a little tarnished anyway -- like us, maybe.

The remains of the day.


kookiejar said...

Your friends look like a fun group! I love the silver tray, did you pay a lot for it?

Lynne said...

Boy, you've had a busy few days! Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Love the stuff you got at the auction. I've never been to one - something I'll have to try someday.

Do you still have the tiara from the reunion? Didn't we look just gorgeous??

violetlady said...

kookiejar, the tray was $40.00. I guess I paid too much for it - I am not sure of prices for these things.
Lynne, the tiara WAS the one from the reunion. I had forgotten that it was the same one.

Morning Glory said...

Those are great auction buys and I think the teapot is really a pretty one. How awesome to find an identical one.

kris said...

The birthday celebrations sound like fun - and that cake looks delish! A group of about a dozen friends and I used to do b'days that way - but too many people to coordinate - too bad, it was a lot of fun.

Your auction pieces are great. I love the silver tray. And I like when things have a great story, like your teapot.