Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Two blizzards in five days.  You know what they say -- be careful what you wish for.  I have always complained (since I moved to southern Delaware from Pennsylvania) that we never get any snow.

The snow over the weekend gave us about 18 inches I think.  And this one I think is about 8 inches, maybe 10.   And other areas in Maryland and Wash. DC and Virginia were hit even harder.  I think Pennsylvania also is getting really dumped on.

It has been drifting a lot and it is totally drifted over my front steps about a foot or more and I shoveled them at six o'clock -- it is now after eleven p.m. 

I have not been out since Friday except to walk Beau.  My husband drove me to the grocery store in his truck yesterday.  A lot of people are snowed in -- my friends who are on Facebook are keeping in touch with the status in different areas.  Some people still hadn't regained electricity since the last storm.  I filled the bathtub with water in case it would be needed to flush toilets (we have a well with a pump which is electric, of course.)  We have plenty of candles, two oil lamps and a few flashlights.  We have two gas fireplaces.  And plenty of food.  So we are set if the worst happens.  The snow has finally let up, though.  I think I have gained five pounds in the last few days.  Cook and eat, cook and eat, it's all I have been doing.  Sometimes not even the cooking, just eating constantly.  Apparently, I am not alone.  I guess that is what we do when we are snowed in. - Celebrate snow days with comfort food.

 If you are in this blizzard, stay warm and safe, everyone.


Mountain Mama said...

My grandson in Virginia and my friend in Maryland are up to their ears in the white stuff too. I copied your first cartoon and sent it to them. I'm sure it's how they are feeling by now. My friend hasn't been ablw to work since last week but the snow plows have been busy so he is going in tomorrow.
It embarasses me to say we are still having spring like weather here. It was a bit cooler today because of the wind and I am wearing my warm nightie tonight.
I picked a bouquet of violets today and the fragrance is wonderful.
I hope spring comes soon for you so you can enjoy the violets too,
God Bless

Willow said...

Be safe!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

We only got 12 inches of snow last week and our area came to a standstill! We're not equipped to deal with that much snow either. Our 6 inches we got Tuesday is melting off now and our roads are mostly clear, praise the Lord. We're set with food, water, candles, oil lamps and flashlights in case the worst does happen. We're to have snow showers on Friday and more snow on Sunday, but the weather geeks aren't talking yet about how much we'll get.

Stay warm and safe, Kristina.

Love and hugs,


Flower said...

We are watching the news and seeing a little of all the snow! I'm glad you have comfort food to get your through it!! Thank goodness for the warmth of a home!