Sunday, February 07, 2010


The snow finally stopped last night.  Our cable is back on.  I am so glad we never lost our electricity like so many thousands did in Sussex County.   The sun was out today, and miracle of miracles, a snow plow actually was plowing the streets in our community.  That is the first time I have ever seen that happen.

Our driveway is still full of snow.  My husband can barrel through it in his truck, but my little Toyota is snug and safe in the garage.  Neither of us intend to shovel the driveway and risk having a heart attack.  Maybe I am a "wuss", but better safe than sorry.  I did shovel the front steps and a little of the walkway.  We don't have sidewalks here so that is not an issue.  I do wonder about the teenagers that used to appear years ago with their snow shovels to earn some extra money.  Guess they are all sitting in front of the television or computer nowadays.

Here are some pictures of the Great Blizzard of 2010.


Lynne said...

Get your neighbor to shovel your driveway! I'm betting hers is clear down to the blacktop.

I remember doing our driveway once when we lived in Warminster. Dom had had a fatty tumor removed from his back a few days before and I didn't want him to do any heavy lifting. So I went out to do it. I got half-way finished and my back went out. I was stuck in a bent over position. But I finished that damn driveway! Then I was put on strict bedrest for the next 2 weeks!

I'm so glad we don't get enough snow down here to have to worry about shoveling!

Lavender Cottage said...

I guess it doesn't help to say how pretty the snow looks in your pictures?
I don't know what happended this year (central Ontario) - usually we can't see to back out of the driveway for the huge snowbanks and this year.....I've been wearing shoes to go out this past week! Lots of grass showing through and patches with no snow at all.
Think spring and that it will all be gone soon.