Sunday, January 31, 2010


We had an amazing snow storm yesterday.  The weather forecast had said one to two inches.  It started yesterday morning and didn't end until about midnight.  I think there is a total of eight inches.  We hardly ever get a decent snowfall here in coastal Delaware, so this was amazing, especially since we already had snow once last month.

I do enjoy snow -- not that I am out skiing, skating or snowmobiling -- I just like the white crispness of it and to sit in front of a fire (or not), read a good book, watch the old black and white movies I love, and just "veg out."

I have a new next door neighbor who is about my age (64) I think.  She is a little odd -- I may have written about her here before.  She seems to enjoy trimming my trees without my permission.  Strange.  Anyway, this morning I noticed that by 8 a.m. she had her entire driveway shoveled, right down to the blacktop.  Yes, she did it herself.  Now, why does this bother me?  Is it because I don't have the strength or endurance to do the same thing?  No, because even if I did, I wouldn't be spending my time doing that.  But, it really annoys me.  I guess it is because I basically find her annoying anyway.  She has tons of nervous energy which usually gets on my nerves, because I have NO nervous energy.  If I am nervous, it never reveals itself in energy.  I just get a stomachache and go to bed.

This leads me to my basic premise on snow days.  Snow days hark back to when the schools were closed due to snow and we sat and listened on the radio for the list of closings and when we heard ours, we were overjoyed and spent the day out sledding.  Our real estate office was closed today, churches were even closed.  I truly believe, and if you know nothing about me, know this:  when there is a Snow Day, things should stop.  People should not work, should not go to school, should not go shopping, should not shovel their snow.  They should spend this special day reading, watching television, eating junk, talking on the phone to family and friends.  That is what a Snow Day (notice I am capitalizing it) is for.  A friend commented to me on Facebook, that a Snow Day is like the cosmos gives us permission to do whatever we want.  I like that.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I agree re: snow days. And I love the crisp new snow before people track through it and mess up the roads.

My neighbor's friend did the same thing with her sidewalk, clearing it as the snow fell. I guess my problem with that is that it's like they're trying to rush the snow away, like they don't welcome it. I know my description isn't very eloquent, sorry. I, however, love the snow.

Enjoy your snow day, however long it lasts. Ours is melting though not too fast.

Love and hugs,


Willow said...

It's too bad that Southern Californians never get snow days. If we did, maybe we'd be a little less 'franctic' all the time.

Enjoy your Snow Day.