Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today would have been my mother and father's  66th wedding anniversary.  (Do we still count years after they are gone?)

They were married January 10, 1944 on a bitterly cold day, just like today.  They were married in Philadelphia in the church's rectory.  A friend of my father's was the minister.  He also baptized my sister and me.  During WWII soldiers often did not know when they might be called away and sometimes weddings were held without a lot of preparation and fanfare.

I have my mother's simple wedding dress which was made by my Aunt Esther and also her gold shoes.  I also have the little white prayer book she carried and her wedding ring.   I posted about their wedding once before here.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Linda said...

What a lovely wedding picture, your parents were a beautiful couple and it's wonderful they had many happy years together. Your mom's dreess is just so pretty and those are the sweetest shoes. You are blessed to have so many keepsakes from this special day..hugs, Linda

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I still count and my Mama & Daddy have been gone for 5 years. My Mama was a just-after-the-war bride. She and Daddy married in 1946 so this coming March 11th would have been their 64th wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary to your dearly beloved Mom and Dad!

Have a great week and stay warm, Cristina. :o)

Love and hugs,


Karen said...

I love seeing photos and things from this era. The dress is beautiful and the shoes are so sweet. And the way your dad is looking at your mom. . . Such a lovely couple.

Mary said...

Beautiful memories of your mother and father. I love the photo...a treasured keepsake.

Mom is 82. She and Dad would have been married 55 years this coming July. Dad passed in 1981 and she has never even accompanied another man to dinner.

Enjoyed your post. I wish you a pleasant evening.


Mountain Mama said...

Your folks wedding post is beautiful and yes your dad does look like Errol Flynn!
I still remember my parents anniversary. On October 30th this year they would celebrate 73 years.

Flower said...

I had to enlarge the picture to see the parents picture is framed so similar and I have my moms gold shoes!!
Your folks are a very handsome couple!!