Sunday, August 03, 2008


I am sixty-two years old. There is no getting away from it anymore. I have never fibbed about my age and I want to accept the advancing years with as much grace as I can. I have friends who have had or plan to have cosmetic surgery of various sorts: reductions, enlargements, enhancements. While I am not against anyone doing whatever they want to their own bodies, it is not for me. Along with the physical changes of these years, there are the mental. I still feel as though I am in my thirties - with all the hopes and plans for the future. The reality is different. I still wonder what I want to be when I grow up -- and then I remember my age. There are just so many years left. There are not fifty years ahead -- maybe if I am lucky another twenty years. Oh, but the dreams and plans are still there and some of them can come true. I think that part of the fun of it is in the dreaming. Perhaps I have a touch of Walter Mitty in me -- probably all of us do.

I started this post thinking about the things I would like to be when I "grow up." It has taken a different slant, so now back to the beginning. The first thing I can remember wanting to "be" was a dog breeder. My friend Ruth was going to be a horse breeder and we spent hours planning our stables and kennels and the names of our animals. We were seven years old.

When I had my first dog I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I was a "Candy Striper" volunteer in the hospital I wanted to be a nurse. Then I wanted to be a medical secretary and went to a school for that after high school. As an adult I decided to go back to school and become a psychologist or a social worker. Now I am a realtor. Totally not in keeping with my personality traits, but here I am. What do I want to be next?

My father was a "P.R. (public relations) man." He worked for a major museum in Philadelphia and was well-liked and well-respected. He was also a talented writer and instilled in me the desire to write well. I was told throughout school that I had the ability. I did nothing with it, but through the years there was always the tickle in the back of my brain to do something with this ability. However, the more I read the more I doubted that I had what it took to be a writer. I stopped trying. I think I have had a thirty year writers block.

This blog helps. But even in this rather basic writing outlet, I still struggle to find anything to say that is worthwhile and interesting, much less creative. But the dream is in the doing sometimes. So here I am.

Thanks for listening.


Lynne said...

First off - you can't be 62, because that means I am too! Oh well, I guess we all have to get older.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Like you, I still feel like I'm 30-something, but the aches and pains tell me otherwise.

I remember your candy-striper days at Abington Memorial. Then the medical secretary days at Franklin School.

I've always been interested in medicine, and finally did something about it when I turned 35. But since we moved away from Cincinnati, I couldn't finish my nursing school. Went back at 50 and finished. Then I realized I didn't really like nursing.

You always had such a talent in writing. I'd love to see you do more of it. Maybe some short stories if not a book. It's never too late.

As for me, I think I'll be a professional slug!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Violet!
Yes I also think about the same things. I just try not to dwell on them to much. I have had such a wonderful life so far. So many blessings I'm not even worthy of.
I didn't think I had anything worth saying when I started my blog either. None of us do. But we love hearing each others thoughts and dreams and hopes and problems, because we have all become friends. Friends that can share these kinds of things with. You are wonderful Violet! And what you have to say is sooo important!!
Hugs from your friend, Sherry

BClark said...

Welcome to 62, it's not all that bad. What would be bad would be not having dreams or sitting on the couch and moaning about your aches and pains. When someone asked you to do somethng give the "I'm too old" answer. You are out and about enjoying your life and looking for more. Ya know don't think about what to write, just do it. Write what you know, what you wish you knew, what you hope to know. Look at Renie and all her writing, and Pat on Orion and all the people who visit there. Just write and see where it goes. I like what you have to say here, just dream and do.
Best to you, Barbara

Shellmo said...

I think 62 can be a new chapter in your life as well!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'll soon be 45 if the Lord tarries. When I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to study in college if I had the opportunity to go, which I didn't. All I ever really wanted to do was become a wife and mother, which I did, so I guess you could say I've succeeded in life.

Goals can be good, but I don't think they're the be-all and end-all of life. I'm quite happy as I am now and if I had a chance to go to college right now, I still don't know what I'd want to study to become.

I think there's a lot to be said for being content in the moment, and living each day to the fullest. I may never have Dr. in front of my name, or any other title besides Mrs., Mom and Grandma but I'm perfectly content with that.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. :o)

Love and hugs,


Willow said...

I didn't have many goals or 'I want to be' thoughts when I was a child. I remember hearing my music teacher in elementary school talking about linguistics. I was fascinated but figured I'd never get to do anything like that. I ended up marrying a linguist and I took 18 grad credits in linguistics and moved to the end of the world to DO linguistics. But I never planned it.

I was an English major in college by accident. I was representing the college in a singing group and the bio info had our majors listed. I was undeclared so my friend told me to put down English and I could change it later, but I never changed it so I ended up with a BA in English Literature.

I got my teaching credential but never taught much until 5 years ago (after age 50!).

I still feel 35 and I hope I always do! Shall we just stay in our 30s now?

Linda said...

Tina...I feel much same the way. I still have lots to see and do but just feel time is just flying by.
Life is good...I just want to keep going and enjoying. I'm happy to be where I am and still feel like I'm in my thirties...I think it's all in the mind. Linda