Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Three years ago dear husband and two friends bought an old boat. They got it for a song. Well, not literally, but it was very inexpensive. It is a 62 foot long trawler formerly used as a "head boat" (meaning people pay by the head to go out fishing without it being chartered) on the Delaware Bay. While bringing it in for repairs by the previous owner it was dropped and barely withstood total damage. Husband saw beyond the rust and crud and saw a beautiful sight.

This boat, or as I somewhat unaffectionately refer to as "that *#&! boat", has given these men hours and hours and hours of fun. It is fitted to sleep six people comfortably and double that uncomfortably. It has two bathrooms (I mean heads), tiled with real toilets. There is a full kitchen and tons of electronic things that I don't understand. It is almost finished. It is supposed to be put in the water in a few weeks and the rest of it will be completed after it is in. The name of the boat is "Last Chance" -- meaning it may be their last chance to take it from Delaware to Florida via the Inland Waterway. This has been husband's dream for many years.

Everyone around here knows about this boat. It attracts quite a bit of attention because of its history and its size.

In all her glory.

This picture was taken a few days ago when they moved this giant crane thing under it to adjust the supports to facilitate painting the bottom.

Three happy guys.

So wish us luck. I am not a boating person, but I may end up to be for brief periods of time!


Lynne said...

So that's why Ken couldn't get your house finished!

The boat is beautiful. I'm sure he (and you) will have a great time on it.

Morning Glory said...

That's a really beautiful boat, and the trip in it sounds so fun!

Shellmo said...

What a great boat - my husband would be so envious!

Tristi Pinkston said...

That's a pretty cool boat!

Hey, I can't find your e-mail address and I need to send you some information on this book you're reviewing for me. Would you pop me a note at Tristi AT Tristipinkston.com?


Flower said...

O my...have you noticed the men looking at "boat pieces" like they were gold? :) The men look like good guys who have lost their minds to the boat!! :)) Have a good time getting to know the life!! It is a beautiful boat..hull and all!!

Mary said...

Violet Lady

Wow! This boat is beautiful and I'm so glad the three friends are going to see their dreams come true. It's looking great.

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Willow said...

All I can say is "WOW!" I'm very impressed with the size and the history of this boat. Even if you're not a boating person, you are immensely proud of what your husband has done.