Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is the photo for today. I think I posted this awhile back after I bought this wonderful cast iron pot at a thrift store. Here it is again. This is the best pot for making fried chicken.
I am leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the 28th. I am driving up to Pa. to meet up with my sister and then on Friday morning we will leave for Massachusetts (driving). We will get to Andover, MA by dinnertime and stay with my daughter and then the next morning my sister, my daughter and my two grandsons and I will leave for Wolfeboro, NH. We are renting my favorite cottage on a little lake. (The photo on the bottom of my blog is the path from the cottage down to the lake.) No husbands along - just the girls! (Except for my son-in-law who will be there for a night because Saturday is his birthday.
I am in my usual state of mind before I go away. I worry about the dog and cats - as if I am the only one who can take care of them properly. My husband will be home and I have hired a neighborhood boy to walk Beau twice a day. I will still worry. And of course, what am I packing, etc., etc. I won't sleep well tonight.
I will take lots of pictures and will share some of them with you when I get back. Take care of yourselves while I am away.


Lynne said...

Have a great time! I'm jealous!

Jo said...

Have a great time and stop your worrying... Everything will be fine while you are gone.

BClark said...

I am like you before a trip, double and triple checking and still mess up,lol. Love the pan, those old cast iron are so super for cooking. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Raven said...

Gorgeous pot. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Linda said...

Your get-away sounds wonderful. Have the best time! Hugs, linda

Melli said...

Ooo! GREAT black! What's cookin?

An all girl vacation on THAT lake sounds perfect! It's gorgeous!

Love the song playing too!

Willow said...

The black pot evokes lots of memories of wonderful fragrances.

Enjoy your vacation! Looking forward seeing your photos

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Sweet Violet,
Have a glorious time!! Girls vacations are so awesome!
Hugs, Sherry