Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have found a lovely photography blog - Anna Carson Photography - and there is a project for this month that I am joining even though I am a few weeks late. I will also be on vacation for a week and a half and will not have access to a computer, but this should be fun anyway. I am not the best photographer, but it is fun snapping some pictures with my little digital. The idea is to take a color picture a day, but each picture must contain a black image.

See how high the gas price is here?

Telephone booths aren't seen much anymore around here, and this one looks very tired and neglected.


Willow said...

Poor telephone booth--black and blue from neglect and abuse.

The black cloud of high gas prices hangs over us all. I saw premium at $4.819 last night.

Willow said...

PS: Enjoy your vacation!

Lynne said...

I haven't seen a phone booth in ages. Poor lonely phone. Gas prices are about the same down here. I'm SO glad we have the Prius!

Where are you going? Up to see Beth and the boys? Have fun.

Mary said...

Violet Lady,

It sounds like a fun project and I'm sure you will get some great photos while on holidays.

Gas prices are exhorborant here as well. We are paying approximately $6.00 per gallon and everyone is going broke. Many are not taking holidays this year or are taking them and staying very close to home.

lingovise said...

phone booths can be scary places these days! good take for PB :)