Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am not much of a gardener, but this year I thought I would make another attempt at a few tomato plants. Several years ago I planted some tomatoes and herbs. The herbs did well. The tomatoes did not. I tried for a few years and then gave up. This is what it looks like now.

Here is my new "petit jardin." Did you know I am French in my heart?

I have five tomato plants, several of which are cherry tomatoes. I have one pepper plant, one parsley, one basil, one lavender and one mint (that appeared out of nowhere from the old garden and I transplanted it). I hover over this little garden several times a day. Maybe, maybe, I will get a few tomatoes this year.

Which brings me to another subject. Are you avoiding tomatoes because of the salmonella scare? I have to a certain extent, but enough is enough. Now they say it could be something else. I wish I could grow all my own vegetables (actually there is nothing stopping me except the lack of energy to do it), have a few goats to mow the grass, and a few chickens to give me eggs. The goats and chickens aren't allowed where I live. Actually, cleaning up after three cats and one dog is enough. The goats and chickens might just be too much.

Here is also a picture of the blossoms on an old mimosa tree in our yard. The tree is not in the best of shape, but I love the funny pink blossoms that smell so sweet.

And here are some pictures of a local garden center that has wonderful produce and flowers. This is where I buy my tomatoes and corn.

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Jo said...

I know what you mean about the tomatoes. I had been buying mine from Kroger because they had a sign up in produce saying that all of the tomatoes that could possibly have Salmonella have been removed. Then it wasn't two days later they showed on the news about an e-coli outbreak that has effected 19 people and they all bought ground beef at Kroger. With that I decided buying produce or meat at Kroger probably wasn't real smart. Now I am frequenting the Amish store for the produce and will probably go to Super K for the meat.

BClark said...

Good Morning! and good luck with the tomatoes. Last year was the first year I had success and was so pleased with myself. I learned you have to be consistant with the water,not too much or too little. I also learned that you get funky tomatoes if there is not enough calcium. I googled tomatoes a lot!! In the end I had tons of tomatoes, the heirloom ones were to die for. This year I think every lettace and tomato seed I planted came up,lol. I am going to learn to can, starting with strawberry jam. So best of luck, don't give up and enjoy. Barbara

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi! I saw your name, Violet Lady, on another blogs comment and thought, I've got to go visit someone with such a sweet name! I'm so glad I did! What a wonderful blog you have. I loved the story of Violette!
I have a collection of violet teapots and violet cups & saucers! And I'm always going to use them for a tea party for one, but rarely do. I usually grab a mug from the cupboard in haste.
I'm having my 1st giveaway and would love for you to come enter in and take a look around!
It was so nice to meet you!
Hugs, Sherry

Shellmo said...

Loved all your garden photos - very inspirational. I think the tomato scare has motivated me to try growing as many of my own vegetables that I can.

Karen said...

Hi Kris, Happy 4th. Love your site. You have so many interesting things. Going to try this blog comment on dial up. hee hee

Pretty pink puffy flower tree. Squirrel story very funny. Was able to search for it! Feeling my age with the quick advancement of technology. Especially after seeing a group on Facebook saying "born in the 60's and still know what Facebook is!"

Take care,