Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I admit it: I like slapstick comedy - Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis, etc. If you appreciate this humor also (and even if you don't), you have GOT to see Mr. Bean's Holiday. It is rated "G", so take the kids. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face and at one point I think I was actually howling. I plan to go see it again and I seldom say that about a movie.
I knew Rowan Atkinson's character, Mr. Bean, from PBS's British broadcasts. He is too, too, funny -- a lot of physical humor, funny faces and sounds (Mr. Bean seldom speaks). And to make it even better, the movie took place in France! Mr. Bean wins a vacation to the south of France and the misadventures that get him there are priceless. The finale is the best and sit through the credits and see the cute final ending.
I mean it -- you really should see this film.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me. You asked about my job...so generally, it's an asset management company with smaller companies underneath. Privately owned company. We manage a real estate group, food services group & plumbing supply company. So, it's varied & diverse. My boss is also really involved in the community with charities, etc. Interesting too! Thanks so much for coming by.


kookiejar said...

I'm so glad you liked 'Mr Bean's Holiday', violetlady. I love, LOVE Mr Bean.

I think my favorite bit from the PBS show was when he was in church and had to blow his nose. He makes me laugh until my face hurts. I will see this movie.

kris said...

I'm adding it to my list!