Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Small Houses

Well, I finished "Aunt Dimity and the Duke." I am not sure I will continue with this series or not. It was a cute, quick read and did not have an ending I would have foreseen. I will probably get its predecessor "Aunt Dimity's Death" just to see how it all starts. My list is getting so long now that I keep adding books to my notebook of "to read referrals." Lynne, this is your fault.

Is anyone familiar with Sarah Susanka's books on small houses? She is an architect with a concept of living small instead of big, bigger, biggest. Her simple message is that quality should come before quantity. I just starting reading her first book (written in 1998) "The Not So Big House." Since I am in real estate I see many, many huge homes. Why do people need all that room (many are just vacation homes)? If I had tons of money, would I also be guilty of conspicuous consumption? (Shoes and books don't count.)


Lynne said...

Concerning your list of books to read - glad to be of service!!

I've never heard of the small house books. I'll have to look for them. Maybe I'm cheap (yes, I know I am) but I can't see the purpose of spending a lot of money for a big house when you don't need or use all the space. My house is small compared to the others in my neighborhood, but it's perfect for us. We could afford more, but why?

kris said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I've been busy working in the gardens, and my blog time has taken a backseat.

I've looked through the small house books. She has a new one out called "The Not So Big Life: making room for what really matters" - I'm on the waiting list at the library for it. I think it deals with life choices more than house choices. I'm with Lynne - our home is small too, but it's perfect for us. I don't get the McMansion mentality at all.

I like your blog and will be back. I love seeing what everyone else is reading - but like everyone else, my reading list is getting slightly out of hand!!

kris said...

I meant to go on about the not so big house books - but was sidetracked (happens a lot!)
I thought her books would be useful if you were building or remodeling - but I didn't find a lot I thought I could use for a house that wasn't being remodeled. She has a landscaping book out too.

kris said...

Hi - there is a lot to consider when buying a climbing rose. I live in zone 4, so my choices are much more limited than yours will be - lucky you! If you have a good nursery near you, that's a great place to start. But before that even, think about what size you want - climbing roses range from like 6 feet to 30. Think about color - fragrance - what size bloom - one big bloom early or reblooming throughout the summer. Before you go to the nursery, try to figure out what your ideal rose might be and then talk to them with an open mind to other possibilities.
I googled "climbing roses" and came up with several sites that might help you decide. Two that looked good were and
These are based in Oregon and Calif, but they'll give you an idea of what's available. I would guess you'll come up with other good reference sites too. Where I live, I would feel comfortable planting roses at this time of year, but your nursery can give you a better idea if this is a good time there. Have fun doing your research - and let me know what you decide! If there are any other questions I can help you with, I'd be happy to.

violetlady said...

Kris, thanks for your comments and advice about the roses. The book "The Not So Big Life" should be interesting. I think I will put a reserve on it at my library, too. The one I have is interesting, but you are right -- maybe mostly useful for new construction or remodels. I think "The Not So Big Life" may tell me not to go to yard sales.