Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks, Ben!

Never waste any time you can spend sleeping.
--Professor Frank H. Knight, in class at the University of Chicago, 1936
(Frank Knight was a well known economist.)

I try to watch "Sunday Morning" on CBS every week.  One of their correspondents, Ben Stein (remember him on "Happy Days"?) last week commented on the subject of sleeping.  I was happy to see that he averages ten hours of sleep a night.  And he seems to be living a successful life!  Ben is not just an actor, but a writer, lawyer and economist (as was his father).

I am a champion sleeper known to sleep eleven or twelve hours at a time.  I usually average nine to ten hours.  After my sister and I had left home and Mom was left to do as she wanted, she was also a great sleeper.  I am like her in this regard and many others.  Strangely, my sister is not a champion sleeper and neither is my daughter.  Sometimes I am embarrassed by the fact that I am not an early riser.  Friends may call at 11:00 and say, "Did I wake you?"  Of all the people I know, most seem to be early risers.

My husband awakens at 4 or 5 a.m.  But, he is usually fighting sleep at 7 p.m.  I like to go to bed late and sleep late.  Now that I heard Ben Stein's positive comments about sleeping, I will no longer feel guilty or embarrassed.  Thanks Ben!





Willow said...

I'm a big sleeper too when I can be. My usual wake up time is 8 to 8:30 :)

Mountain Mama said...

I used to sleep eight hours straight every night for years, but as I have gotten older I am usually sleeping six or seven. This may be due to a lack of activity. Garden season is here and I may need twelve hours!