Friday, March 18, 2011


It has been a long time since I have written an entry on this blog, but here it goes.  Things have been super busy since my last post five months ago.  My husband and I have moved, he has had two surgeries (as a result of his fall off his boat last spring) and I have been re-nesting our townhouse.  I like to decorate but I have been doing this in bits and spurts.  It would be nice if money were no object!  I do have lots of "stuff" to work with, though.  We moved from a sizeable house with a large yard and lots of trees to a townhouse in a community with NO trees and no yard.  We actually like this new place - slightly smaller - with a different room configuration.  I find that I greatly miss my yard and trees, though.  The upkeep here is easier and utility bills are more reasonable.

Spring is just around the corner and today in southern coastal Delaware it is supposed to reach 70 degrees.  I am leaving for the beach (10 minutes away) to take a walk by the ocean.  My walks are usually "head-down" looking for shells or beach glass.  When I moved here in 1992 one thing I noticed was that there were not a lot of shells on the beaches.  I remember the New Jersey beaches having lots of shells, including large clam shells which we would gather and paint when I was a little girl.  I have heard that the beaches there have less shells than they used to have also.

So long for now.  Hopefully, I will keep up with my blogging a little better than I have recently.



UPDATE:  Returned home from the beach.  Walked a mile 80 degrees - lots of people of all ages, dogs, kites.........but no seashells.  Got to my car, decided to get out and take a picture with my cell phone, my car locked automatically with my keys inside.  Had to call my husband to go home, get my spare keys and bring them to me.   Still - what a nice day!


Lynne said...

Tina, glad to see you on your blog again! I need to do better on my blog too.

I didn't realize that Ken had 2 surgeries - hope his shoulder is doing better. Post some pictures of your new place if you can. And e-mail me the address.

I'm so jealous that you can go down to the beach whenever you want! I miss the shore so much.

Love the picture of Beau on the sidebar. Sweet baby.

Willow said...

Welcome back! I had nearly given up that you would return to blogging.

Love love love that photo of the shore. Yesterday I drove along the Pacific coast again for just a minute or two, and as always, it revived my spirit!

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so glad you are back. I was worried about you.
Sorry about your husband's surgeries. I pray that is finished now and he will be fine.
I understand about moving. I did that 25 years ago from a huge 5 bedroom home into a very small 2 bedroom home. I had to dispose of a LOT of my furniture and other belongings. That was hard but they were only
'things' after all, and I can't even remember what they were now. LOL
I would miss my yard and trees too. Maybe you can grow some posy's in pots on your doorstep. That would help. At least a pot of violets.