Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was finally able to get my pictures off my memory card by taking it to the drugstore and sticking it in one of those machines so now I can download them from the disk into my computer.  I can still use the camera, but it just won't download into my computer.  I am thinking that the USB cable is bad.

And now my printer at work doesn't run at all.  It won't turn on.  The computer guy was in and looked at it and said, "it's broken."  Duh.  I bought it in January of 2008.  So I am shopping for a new computer.  I want one that is inexpensive that prints, copies and scans.  I don't need a fax.  I will probably end up with another HP although this last one was certainly bad news.  I found one at Staples for only $99 which I think I will get.  Walmart had a similar one, too.

I just can't stand it when mechanical or electronic things don't work.  I am a very patient person with other people and with life in general, but when something doesn't work it just sends me over the edge.  I used to believe that if something didn't work, if you dropped it on the floor or desk, it would jar it into working again.  Maybe I should try that with my printer before I buy a new one!

I went to an auction on Sunday and brought home a few things, one of which is one vintage snowshoe.  I thought it would look cute hanging on a wall somewhere.  Also a little "gold encrusted" demitasse tea set and a Limoges china tray handpainted with violets -- twenty dollars for each.  I may try to sell the little tea set on ebay.

That is the news here -- hope you are all well and happy.



Willow said...

You could try banging the side of the printer or dropping it. What do you have to lose? Does the fix it guy actually know what he is doing and what is wrong with it?

My neighbor has offered me a 4 yo printer/scanner/copier, but it would cost more to ship it to you than the purchase of a new one.

Good luck.

violetlady said...

Gee, thanks anyway, Willow. You are sweet.