Friday, April 10, 2009



Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone. Isn't this the cutest card? Notice the little chick holding some violets?

Spring is finally here -- I found some violets in my yard...among the weeds, but violets nevertheless.

We won't be seeing any family this Easter. Everyone is too far away. We may go out for dinner unless I decide to bake a small ham for the two of us. If I do that I will make some scalloped potatoes and some of that Jiffy baked corn and a vegetable. I often color eggs even if there are no children to enjoy them, but this year is turning out to be such a low-key Easter that I won't be doing the eggs.

Tonight I went out to dinner with two girlfriends, one of whom was celebrating her birthday. We went to a new barbeque restaurant that just opened. It was packed so I guess it is popular, but the smell of smoked meat was so intense it gave me a headache. My husband wanted me to bring him home some ribs and when I got them home, I realized they never gave me the sides that went with it. So back I went to the restaurant. And then home again. Husband stated that they were the worst ribs and greens he had ever eaten. So much for that restaurant!



Willow said...

Happy Easter!

We have ended up with all the kids here for Easter, rather unexpectedly. Our menu is salmon, potatoes, green salad, asparagus.

Mountain Mama said...

Your card is so cute. I love baby chicks!

My violets are really blooming good right now. I have several patches and they have spread. I love walking close to them when it's warm out because the fragrance is so wonderful.

I hope you have a nice Easter even though family will not be present.

Linda said...

Happy Easter to you Violet Lady....that is the sweetest little card. Love the little chickies and how perfect for one to be holding violets...hugs, Linda

Gossamer Creations said...

I sure hope spring is here. We have planted our vegetable garden so I need the sun to shine. It is not very sunny today.
That's hard when you try a new restaurant and it is not so good, but how else do you know.
I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Jess said...

I hope you had a good Easter after all... and I hope you have a wonderful week this week.

Lots of love to you...and i like your picture in your sidebar! It's really nice.

Love, Jess

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I love your cute card!

I hope you had a nice Easter. My younger son, who lives the closest to me, took us to an Easter buffet in a larger town, after church. We enjoyed it and then came home and spent some time here having coffee and some Easter goodies. My older
son and family will he here Wednesday evening for a few days. So I will get to see my youngest granddaughter. Yay!

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Bunny Hugs,


BClark said...

Our Easter was also low key, but nice. I enjoy what ever time I have with Jim. What a bummer about the ribs, good bar b q is an art. Unfortunatly, far too many people think they can just plop a sign out and ta da they are good to go. Then again many people do not know what good bar b q actually is, so there ya go. No violets yet, but soon will have millions.

Flower said...

We also had a low key Easter. It's ok but not the same as having everyone.
I have come over to invite you back to my place. There is a surprise for you and of all will enjoy it the most! (I hope)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Sorry about the barbecue - I think it just stinks when you go out for someone's birthday and then the restaurant turns out to be a disaster.