Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a fun weekend. I met my sister in Pennsylvania on Friday and on Saturday we met with a cousin we had never really met. Dad's father died when he was one year old (in the flu epidemic of 1918). Linda and I never knew very much about that part of the family because our grandmother remarried when our father was young. Our father kept his father's last name even though his step father was the only father he ever knew. We have a few photos, but that was all. Our cousin brought a few other cousins with him and we looked at tons of old photos -- many of the people none of us knew. We then went to the cemetery where our father's father and grandparents and several other relatives were buried. We had never been there either. It was a very interesting day!

Yesterday I spent the day at our local auction. As you know, that is one of my favorite things to do. Here are the things I purchased:

A set of sterling demitasse spoons and sugar tong - very old.

A Fenton milk glass shoe.

Two rustic candle chandeliers, one of which I will sell to a lady at the auction who really wanted one. I have been looking on-line for one of these for ages and couldn't believe I found two. $45 for both!

A cranberry glass bowl - large and heavy.

A cranberry glass candy dish.

Two glass candelabra
A spinning wheel (missing some parts) for my daughter who knows how to spin.

Three brand new chairs for my husband's boat.
It is about 93 degrees here today -- beautiful, but too hot.



Lynne said...

You and Linda must have had a great time meeting family members and seeing old pictures. I loved it when I met my sister and she showed me old family photos then took me to Ohio where we were born. We went to the cemetery and I saw my grandparents' graves and I met a couple of cousins. Tracing your family's history is so much fun.

You got some great things at the auction. Beth will love that spinning wheel! And I'm sure Ken will love sitting on the deck of his boat in one of those chairs!

Faye said...


Willow said...

I ooohed at the cranberry glass dishes (my grandmother had one, I wonder what happened to it) and I aaahed at the spinning wheel. Oh, I want a traditional wheel!

How nice to meet "kissin' cousins".

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You certainly purchased some beautiful things. That milk glass shoe is so cute and I love those chandeliers! What a fun weekend you had!

Stay Cozy(or should I say cool),

BClark said...

I love your finds, how very cool. I am in touch with a sort of cousing who is into geneology. He keeps passing me tidbits of information about the family. So much fun to find out about the family.

Linda said...

Great auction items! I especially like the cranberry pieces..hugs, Linda

p.s. I've been meaning to tell you your new picture is great...I love you new hairdo...L

Jess said...

Lovely buys! And so glad that you had a good time with family.

Hoep all is well and that it cools off.

Love, Jess